Technology Management (M.S.)

Technology Management Master’s Program Overview

The Technology Management Master’s Program is designed to develop leaders adept at managing technological change, and skilled in establishing and maintaining superior competitive advantage for their respective enterprises or for new ventures. For an enterprise, continuing advancement of technology provides both opportunities and threats.

It is essential that an enterprise continually develops, sources and/or applies, the latest relevant technology in products, services, and systems in support of the key business functions and processes such as R&D, marketing, sales, customer service engineering, manufacturing, operations, finance, accounting, distribution, information technology, business analytics and others.

The UB Technology Management Program is specifically designed to develop skills and competencies such as:UB | Technology Management (M.S.) degree

  • Identifying and evaluating the impact of rapidly changing technology and managing those changes.
  • Designing programs to identify, develop and implement innovative technological based solutions for enterprises.
  • Managing the effective planning and execution of those technology based initiatives and the integration of their results into the mainstream of an enterprises’ strategy, processes and operations.
  • The application of technology to create wealth by developing new products and launching new businesses.
  • Leadership, the creation and sustenance of high-performance global teams and enabling innovation.

Please refer to the General Admissions Information for general admission requirements.


Concentration Areas

The Department offers, as an integral part of the Technology Management Master’s Degree, the opportunity to specialize in a number of concentrations, which are interdisciplinary and available through various departments to provide more educational and career choices and flexibility for the students:

  • Global Program and Project Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Supply Chain, Logistics and Service Management
  • Quality Control and Continuous Improvement
  • Biotechnology Management
  • Information Technology and Big Data
  • Information and Cyber Security Management
  • Innovation in Technology Management and Engineering

Please refer to the Division of Graduate Studies catalog for course details of the concentration areas.

Other Concentrations are available with the approval of the student’s advisor and the chairman of the department.


Stem and OPT

The M.S. degrees offered by the School of Engineering at the University of Bridgeport are classified by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) degrees. Therefore, all International Students who earn an M.S. degree are eligible for twelve (12) months of OPT (Optional Practical Training) and at the end of the twelve months of OPT, the student and the company the student works for, can apply for an extension of seventeen (17) additional months of work, as long as the company is an E-verify company. In summary, a graduate with an M.S. degree can work under OPT in the U.S.A. for a total of twenty-nine (29) months.


Ph.D. in Technology Management

UB offers a Ph.D. in Technology Management that focuses on new technology venture creation (e.g. Entrepreneurship and Corporate Venturing) and select current and emerging technologies (Technology Concentration).

Visit here for more detailed information.


Second Degree Program

The department offers the opportunity to acquire a second graduate degree, along with the M.S. Degree in Technology Management. Candidates for this second Master’s Degree program are typically required to complete a minimum of 48 credit hours to satisfy the requirements of two Master’s Degrees. This implies 19-22 credit hours in addition to the 34 hours required for the M.S. degree in Technology Management.

Elif Kongar
Chair, Department of Technology Management
Professor of Technology Management and Mechanical Engineering
(203) 576-4379



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