Pallis_JaniAssociate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering

Office Location: Engineering – Technology Bldg – Office 133
Telephone: (203) 576-4579







Ph.D., 1996, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of California, Davis
M.S., 1991, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
M.S., 1977, Health Systems, Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S., 1975, Health Systems, Georgia Institute of Technology

An aerodynamicist specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics with a background in biomedical industrial, mechanical and aeronautical engineering, Dr. Pallis specializes in fluid dynamics, with an emphasis on air, space and marine vehicles, sports equipment, the relationship between athletic injuries and equipment, and engineering outreach education.

Most recently, she and her students are involved in small satellite development, in particular the launching of DiscoSat-1 with the Discovery Museum and Planetarium.

BMEG/MEEG 567X Physiological Fluid Mechanics (Fall 2014)

CPEG/CPSC 300 Economics and Management of Engineering Projects (Spring 2014)

MEEG 410 Advanced Fluid Dynamics (Fall 2013, Fall 2014)

MEEG 454 Advanced Dynamics (Fall 2013, Fall 2014)

MEEG 463 Advanced Heat Transfer (Spring 2014)

MEEG 510X Aircraft and Spacecraft Design (Summer 2013, Spring 2014)

TCMG 410 Survey of Technology (Fall 2013)

Aerodynamics, astrodynamics, fluid dynamics, sports engineering, small satellites, DNA origami, air, space and marine vehicles, relationship between athletic injuries and equipment, biotechnology

Bach, C., Sherman, W., Pallis, J. M., Patra, P., & Bajwa, H. (2014). Evaluation of Novel Design Strategies for Developing Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs) Tools for Treating Human Diseases. Biotechnology Research International.

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Bach C, Patra P, Pallis J, Sherman W, and Bajwa H (2013) Strategy for Naturelike Designer Transcription Factors with Reduced Toxicity. IEEE Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics,

Sobh, T.M., Pallis, J., Gupta, N., “Recent Directions in Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation”, International Journal of Online Engineering, August 2009, 5(S1):4-7. DOI:10.3991/ijoe.v5s1.1032.

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Safran, M., Pallis, J., Workman, K., “Validation of Questionnaire for the Epidemiology of Sports Injuries in Wheelchair Athletes”, Medicine and Science in Tennis, April, 2005.

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Pallis, J.M. and Burns, I., “Numerical Simulations For An America’s Cup Challenger”, Maui High Performance Computing Center 1999 Application Briefs, 1999.

Connecticut Space Grant Consortium Campus Director of the Year 2013

Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity, Gamma Phi Chapter, Georgia Institute of Technology, received Arc of Epsilon Pi for continued service, October, 2012.

Distinguished Citizen (first individual in the field of Engineering), Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity, July, 2010, (Notable Alumnae: Jani Macari Pallis, Alpha Gamma Delta, Wikipedia)

Connecticut Technology Council, Women in Innovation, Finalist, 2009.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Distinguished Alumni Department of Industrial Engineering

Franklin Institute and Science Museum, Philadelphia, PA, Plaque installed in Aviation Hall as a woman engineer involved in aerodynamics

Development of a Satellite Design, Fabrication, Integration and Testing Course, Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium, PI: Jani M. Pallis, Ph.D., Co-PI: Hassan Bajwa, Ph.D., Christian Bach, Ph.D., awarded Feb., 25, 2014.

Servo-Flap Rotor Blade Design and Wind Tunnel Test, Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium,  PI: Alfred Gates, Ph.D., Co-PI: F-S Wei, Co-PI: J.M. Pallis, Ph.D., awarded Oct., 2013.

NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative (CLI): NNH12SOMD001L, “DISCOvery Museum Satellite: Measurement of small-scale debris flux from orbit”, David Mestre and Alan Winick (PIs), B. Hermalyn and J.M. Pallis, Technical Advisor.

University of Bridgeport, Seed Money Grant “DNA Scaffold Based Nanoscale Antenna”, Dr. Jani Pallis (PI) and Dr. Hassan Bajwa (Co-PI).

Principal Investigator with Dr. Joyce Hu (Co-PI), Connecticut Space Grant Consortium, “Multiphysics Modeling of Gas Tungsten Arc Welding”.

Principal Investigator, The Bridge Project, Manufacturers Association of Southern Connecticut, 2010.

Principal Investigator, Wright Again (, K-12 web-based project commemorating the centennial of Flight, Grant with National Business Aviation Association. Collaboration with High Performance Computing, Education, and Research Center at the University of New Mexico for CFD.

Principal Investigator, Cooperative Agreement with NASA for K-8 Aeronautics Internet Activity Center, web-based lesson plans, curriculum bridges and online text in multiple reading levels in English and Spanish, animations of scientific American Sign Language terms.

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