Where can I park at UB?

Parking is available for members of the University of Bridgeport (UB) community and visitors in parking lots and city streets throughout campus. Central campus is best accessed by Park Avenue.

Visitor Parking

Street parking is available around campus. All street parking is subject to City of Bridgeport rules and regulations. Parking on University Avenue, Park Avenue, and Myrtle Avenue is convenient to many campus locations.

Visitors may also park their vehicles in campus lots for up to 12 hours. Any visitors parking in campus lots for longer than 12 hours must register with Campus Security. Visitors are subject to all University of Bridgeport parking policies and procedures, as listed above and below.

Please contact Campus Security at 203-576-4913 with any questions regarding parking.

Student and Employee Parking

All students, employees and other members of the University community who regularly park a vehicle on or near campus must register with Campus Security, including vehicle description and owner contact information. All vehicles must be legally registered and properly insured. Campus Security shall provide each registered vehicle with a sticker which must be prominently displayed on the vehicle, so that Campus Security may contact the vehicle’s operator as needed (e.g. emergencies, parking restrictions, etc.).

Parking in lots around campus is on a “first come” basis. Employees are expected to comply with all posted signs, as well as state and local laws.

Please contact Campus Security at 203-576-4913 with any questions regarding vehicle registration or parking.

On-Campus Handicapped Parking

The University, in accordance with state law, designates an appropriate number of parking spaces for the physically handicapped in close proximity to buildings. Parking in handicapped designated spaces requires the appropriate permit(s). Violators will be ticketed or towed in accordance with Connecticut law.


Campus Security, in accordance with Connecticut law, authorizes towing of unauthorized vehicles trespassing on campus property and/or parking lots. A car is “unauthorized” and “trespassing” when it has been parked in the same spot for 30 days or longer, unless signage/posting designates a shorter permissible period (e.g. signs expressly prohibit overnight parking in the Campus Security lot). Except as outlined below or otherwise posted, a vehicle may be parked in a designated parking lot for up to 30 days, after which the vehicle will be towed. No notice to the owner/operator is required before towing.

Similarly, Campus Security authorizes towing from campus property and/or parking lots, regardless of the parking duration, in exigent/emergency circumstances and/or when a vehicle presents a safety hazard, obstructs the orderly flow of traffic, or is parked in a restricted area as further described below. Examples include, without limitation: obstructing access to a parking lot, dumpster, fire lane, loading dock, driveway or University/University’s contractor’s equipment; parking a vehicle which creates a safety or environment hazard due to leaky fluids, broken glass, flat tire, or general state of disrepair; leaving a vehicle unsecure, including without limitation flat tires, substantial personal property in plain view, unlocked; or exigent circumstances such as fires, flooding, emergency ingress/egress.

The University prohibits towing to and thereafter parking on University property when a vehicle has been involved in an accident or otherwise damaged. Any such vehicle is subject to the towing policies described above.

If a vehicle is towed/abandoned, the violator should immediately contact Campus Safety for information regarding towing/storage. Campus Security will, to the extent possible, provide the violator with contact information for the towing service/garage. Reclaiming the vehicle is solely the violator’s responsibility. Any issues must be addressed with the garage/service holding the vehicle. Connecticut law provides a short period for reclaiming a towed vehicle; accordingly, the violator should attempt to do so immediately.

Restricted Parking Area

Vehicles are prohibited from parking in restricted areas, including without limitation: fire lanes, dumpster zones, construction areas, loading docks, driveways, sidewalks and/or grass areas. Violators will be ticketed or towed.

Special Parking Restrictions

The University may, in its absolute discretion and without notice, impose temporary or permanent parking restrictions on campus parking lots, including without limitation special events, severe weather, maintenance, or any removal deemed necessary by local state or federal law enforcement officials, fire officials or utility emergency repair service operations.

Parking is Operator’s Responsibility

Any vehicle parked on or near campus should be securely locked, valuable property removed, and belongings stored out of sight. Guns, weapons, replicas of guns/weapons, or objects which might reasonably be mistaken for weapons are prohibited in any vehicle parked on campus (except for Campus Security or the Bridgeport Police Department), even if the owner has a permit to carry.

The University is not responsible for any damage to vehicles parked on campus property and/or parking lots, including without limitation: theft, vandalism, or property damage. Visitors and members of the campus community park at their own risk.

The University is not responsible for any damage to vehicles removed from campus, including without limitation: towing, storage, or demolition.

Have questions?

For questions regarding vehicle registration or parking for visitors, students and/or employees, contact Campus Security at 203-576-4913.

For questions regarding the location of an upcoming campus event, please contact Special Events at 203 576-4530 or


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