Course participant, here you will find segments from emails sent to us by our previous course participants.

We hope you find these reflections as inspirational as we have.

– Laura and Wendy

Just wanted to thank you for our certificate. It is already proudly displayed in my operatory. We have been really utilizing our new skills. The Dr’s patients love our gentle touch and it is so helpful when we do scaling/root planing. I was hesitant on taking the course and now I am so glad I did. I am encouraging others to do it. Of course I have had a lot of fun too practicing on my teammates. They are good eggs! Thanks again for everything. Enjoy your summer. Kind regards.

Hi Laura and Wendy!

Just thought you might want to know that I had 2 rootplanings today and delivered a PSA 2, 3 14,15 to my 8 o’clock and she said this was the best dental visit she ever had and she felt nothing! Yeay Success….

I wish I did this a long time ago! I feel so liberated that I did not have to beg the doctor to come in and do these for me. I felt so happy at the end of the day and it’s mainly due to you both.

Thank You so much for teaching me this wonderfully empowering and empathetic skill for myself and my patients.

Good Morning Laura and Wendy…..

I am so excited!! I just gave my first injection today!! I was doing an SRP procedure on a patient, so I gave local anesthesia on the whole right side of his mouth! The patient said that he didn’t even feel it and it was the best injection that he has ever had…even the GP! His lower lip got numb right away too! I want to thank both of you for an excellent class this past weekend, I have been wanting to take it for so long. I really walked away feeling confident about the procedure and I think the patient that I saw today thought that I had been doing this forever! You were both very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I appreciate all of your time and effort.

I just wanted to drop you ladies a note to tell you how I’ve been progressing with the administration of local anesthesia. As you may remember, I was not terribly excited about taking the course. I have been a practicing dental hygienist for over 30 years and didn’t think it was really necessary for me. My good friend and coworker encouraged me to join her and take the class and I reluctantly agreed. After taking the course, I felt very nervous and unsure about my capabilities. Well, to make a long story short, I have become quite proficient in the techniques you taught us and don’t know what I ever did without it! I got over my initial fear and now anesthetize my patients without hesitation. I feel re-energized in my profession and quite frankly I’m damn proud of myself! I thought you might enjoy a sense of accomplishment in my success. With many thanks and appreciation………..

Hello Laura,

I wish to personally thank you and Wendy for the knowledge that you so
graciously passed along this past weekend. You are both excellent instructors and made learning local anesthesia a wonderful experience for me. Although there were definite feelings of excitement and anxiety, I felt confident that I would carry out a successful first injection.

Many thanks to you both for this gift of knowledge you provided to me!
I consider this a great SUCCESS for both myself and my patients for the rest of my career! Thanks again for all your talents and time.

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