UB’s English Language Institute (ELI) Students Share Their Experiences

Read the testimonials below from ELI students to learn about how UB has helped prepare them for their academic goals.

China - UB's English Language Institute | ELI | University of Bridgeport

Ningyi Wang

I want to tell you 3 stories about our ELI family.

First we were all shy in the first day, and we did not talk to each other because we come from different countries with different cultures and we have different experiences and different characteristics. But this time did not last for a long time. All of you can guess how long, one day only. One day after the first day, we made plenty of jokes with each other. I believe your family is similar to us.

Second, we had presentations. That is a game, a game about introducing any topic you are interested in. It is also a lovely activity which lets us know each other more, and what is important is we gave comments for each one. I mean we let each one know what they did well and what he or she needs to improve.

The last story is, we had a debate. Although the debate is important, our ELI family members thought it was not the most important, because the most important thing is we learn how to communicate with others better, and we built our friendship while we prepared for the debate. To be honest, it is hard for us to obtain a lot of knowledge in this short time, but it is a great beginning.

Jordan - UB's English Language Institute | ELI | University of Bridgeport

Yousif Aldabbagh

My classmates and I would like to thank all of the ELI staff. To all of us students they are like a family and friend. They helped us in every things. When I arrived to the United States, I came to the ELI to do the placement test. My score of the test put me in level 3. My first professor in ELI gave me a lot of advice and helped me to learn and love the English Language. I have learned how to write essays. I have learned about the skills and the technique to improve my listening and speaking. In level 5 when we performed the skit, it was a wonderful thing to stand on the stage of the theater. It was an interesting feeling for me. Also, in level 6, the debate was interesting because it was sharing our ideas in group discussion. I have learned about different cultures from my classmates because ELI has students from different countries and cultures. All of these increased my love for English Language, so thanks for ELI.

China - UB's English Language Institute | ELI | University of Bridgeport

Ming Lei

I started to study English in ELI from level 4 and I remember the fascinating days spent with classmates, friends and teachers. Frankly speaking, I really enjoyed the interesting classes with classmates, the happy trip to New York, the unforgettable class with teachers.

Also, I liked the Conversation Group after 3:00pm every week. Although I went there few times, it was unforgettable. At the same time, in ELI, I met my UBuddy, I really appreciate him because he tries his best to help my English after school, and I enjoy the friendship with him, now, we are friends. That is unforgettable!

Moreover, in ELI, whenever I met some difficulties, ELI’s teachers were always willing to help me, and I also really appreciate the office staff.

Last but not least, what I want to say, in the future, no matter where we are, no matter what we do, no matter what difficulties we meet, as international students, it is not easy for us, I know. But, all we should do is challenge ourselves, conquer our difficulties and challenge our future! Believe that you can make it!

Egypt - UB's English Language Institute | ELI | University of Bridgeport

Mohamed Mohamed

My classmates and I want to thank ELI family. We learned a lot about research writing, APA format, library, presentation skills, and the debate. And we learned a lot about each other. I learned about Chinese culture, Indian culture, Nepalese culture, Saudi Arabian, and of course Connecticut culture. And I know that they learned about Egyptian culture. Now we have friends in China, Nepal, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Connecticut. We will remember the time we spent together and will see each other here in UB. We say in Arabic “shukran”. Thank you.

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