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All graduate-level Biology students must pass an oral comprehensive examination covering current theory, application and research in areas appropriate to their training and interests. In addition, students must complete the minimum credit hours required for each degree program, as follows:

Master of Science in Biology Program Requirements

Students in the Biology (M.S.) degree program will be required to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours, comprised of 24 credits of coursework and six credits of master’s-level research. Students must submit and defend a research thesis with both a written thesis and oral defense, both of which demonstrate the ability to conduct independent research.

Master of Arts in Biology Program Requirements

Students choosing the non-thesis option (M.A.) must either complete 33 credits of coursework in Biology or cognate courses aimed at further acquisition and refinement of program student learning objectives, or 30 credits of course work—and with the approval of the graduate Chair of Biology— three credits of intern experience in a professional setting aimed at student acquisition of career skills targeted by the program. Upon completion of the internship, the student must also submit a recommendation letter from their internship mentor and an internship report, describing the work done in their internship and the professional advancement outcomes achieved. Furthermore, the student should present her/his work in a seminar at UB.

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