The internship is the heart of the master’s degree program in Counseling at UB. It provides a venue within which students receive the guidance necessary for development as an entry-level counselor. Program faculties provide didactic and experiential training, serving as the foundation for the development of skills necessary for independent work in clinical settings.
Internships are not guaranteed and approval to attend internship is dependent upon academic performance. Internships must be completed over two semesters, typically over the course of a full academic year, starting in the fall and ending in the spring.

Supervised field and internship experience is critical to counselor development and job placement. With the help of an internship advisor, two semesters of supervised internship or practicum are completed at an approved site determined by the student’s respective concentration. This intense experience adds perspective to each student’s individual learning experience.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • 100-hour practicum
  • Two 300-hour semester internships, for a total of 600 hours

College Student Personnel

  • Two 250-hour semester internships, for a total of 500 hours
    • A reduction in hours may be granted for those students who hold an approved graduate assistantship or an approved full-time position in student affairs

Counseling, 6th Year

  • If required, two 300-hour semester internships, for a total of 600 hours
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