Keys to Completing the Criminal Justice and Human Security (M.A.) Degree Program

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Human Security degree program requires successful completion of 36 semester-hours of required coursework broken into 21 semester-hours (or seven courses) of core material, and 15 semester-hours (or five courses) of electives. This includes completion of the following three Capstone projects: CJHS 591 Internship; CJHS 598 CJHS Capstone; and CJHS 599 (a Thesis or a Project Demonstrating Competency (PDC)). The program will require two years for completion.

In addition to required coursework, students will be expected to:

  • develop written and oral communication skills as well as intercultural literacy and critical thinking skills through the course offerings and Capstone experiences
  • develop specific skills in addressing the international dimensions of crime
  • complete an internship with an appropriate law enforcement or other approved agency
  • demonstrate a basic working knowledge of a foreign language equivalent to two years of University-level foreign language study

To learn more details regarding course descriptions and curriculum, visit the Course Offerings page.




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