The University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute is an integrated unit of the University of Bridgeport. Its mission is to offer a comprehensive education that prepares qualified candidates to become successful licensed acupuncturists.

The Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (D-TCM) program seeks to advance the discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine through educational, clinical, and scholarly activities. The program educates its students to be productive, caring, and responsible citizens and skilled healthcare professionals.

By providing an outstanding professional education, the program will produce graduates with a high level of clinical skills who have the commitment and judgment necessary to act in the service of others.

The University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute institutional goals for the D-TCM program are to:

  • Offer a comprehensive graduate-level education that trains future graduates in a broad range of TCM knowledge, competencies, and skills so that we achieve our Mission and educational objectives
  • Administer a professional and affordable treatment clinic that:
    • Serves the local community
    • Instructs student interns in the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions in a diverse population
  • Conduct outreach clinics to:
    • Support the profession of acupuncture through community service
    • Train students in integrative care settings
  • Preserve and further the understanding of human health and the art of Asian medicine
  • Produce graduates who can meet state and national licensure requirements
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