The East Asian and Pacific Rim Studies program has the following Learning Objectives:

  • Introducing and comparing extant models of socioeconomic development with a special focus on those development models that have been used successfully in the Pacific Rim
  • Introducing the Sociopolitical Implications of the religions that are common in the Pacific region
  • Introducing and comparing models of trade
  • Equipping students with the quantitative and qualitative research skills needed to undertake effective planning, analysis, and implementation of projects
  • Identifying and fostering an appreciation of the prerequisites for successful governance and amiable trade practices within developing countries
  • Development of skills in negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Development of practical skills in problem-solving and in project management through an internship in the Pacific Rim; U.S. students will be expected to do their internship in Northeast or Southeast Asia and students from Asia will be encouraged to pursue an internship in Latin America or in a country other than their own in East Asia
  • Development of a at least a working knowledge of an East Asian language – normally Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Japanese, or Russian
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