The admissions requirements for the University of Bridgeport MS- Chinese Herbology (MS-CH) program are as follows:

Admission requirements for the MS-CH program include a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (such as 120 completed semester credits). In addition, all applicants must be currently licensed or registered healthcare professionals whose scope of practice includes the use of Chinese herbs and formulae. There are also a number of bioscience and TCM prerequisites for this program:

Prerequisites – Licensure:

All those seeking the MS-CH must be health care professionals for whom Chinese materia medica and formulae are part of their currently licensed/registered scope of practice.

Prerequisites – Biomedicine

  • Human Anatomy – 4 semester credits
  • Human Physiology – 4 semester credits
  • Pharmacology – 1 semester credit
  • Clinical Diagnosis (human) – 4 semester credits
  • Pathology (human) – 4 semester credits

Prerequisites – TCM

  • TCM Medical Theory – 36 hours, 2 semester credits
  • TCM Diagnosis 1 (TCM substances, 5-elements and zang-fu)
    • 36 hours, 2 semester credits
  • Meridian Theory/Meridian Diagnosis – 36 hours, 2 semester credits
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