Do Something!: Make Your Life Count by Miles McPherson
This book is one of my favorite inspirational and motivational pieces. Miles McPherson does a phenomenal job in provoking readers to follow a path, which leads to getting up and getting out and fulfilling the desires that we, as purposeful people, already have in our hearts. This is not a Naturopathic-specific read, but as I read the book I related this to my dream of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor and was inspired to go after my passion, pursue and prepare myself wholeheartedly to serve in this profession and to do something that will produce indelible marks of change!





Practice By the Book by Gene Rudd Practice By the Book by Gene Rudd
This is an easy yet profound read in which various contributors share their knowledge and wisdom on practical topics, including: character, clinical practice, serving the poor, missions, ethics, managing time, managing money, the hurting doctor, malpractice, marriage & family, and relationships with colleagues. As a Naturopathic Doctor in the making, I find myself thinking about these practical issues or topics I feel that are extremely relevant to what I envision myself doing in the future.





Gifted Hands by Ben CarsonGifted Hands by Ben Carson
This is one of my all-time favorites. I first read this book when I was around 15 years old and I continued to read it over and over again to nourish my dream and nurture my heart desires. It gave me hope to dream big to be a doctor and to not look at what I don’t have or how underprivileged I grew up but to look at what I do have and how I can use it to transform and transcend my circumstances.

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