The Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine is a collaboration between the University of Bridgeport and world-renowned naturopathic physician Dr. Peter D’Adamo.  Located in a historic home across the street from the UB Clinics, the Center of Excellence is both a teaching clinic and classroom.  UBCNM is the only naturopathic program to offer a comprehensive curriculum in generative medicine, where students and faculty alike are exploring the frontiers of individualized medicine.

Generative Medicine: the Search for Self-Healing

Generative medicine is an exciting new naturopathic specialty that aims to identify the body’s self-healing processes and allows the physician to participate in partnership with them. This is achieved by applying the tools of systems biology and bioinformatics to the complex behaviors seen in both health and disease.  This approach allows for safer and more individualized treatments of sickness and the enhancement and optimization of health and well-being.

Disease is traditionally defined as a ‘perturbation of the molecular system,’ while drugs are typically defined as ‘perturbants of the molecular system.’  One can easily spot the paradox here: Is it reasonable to expect that physicians can always increase the robustness of a perturbed system with the use of a known perturbant?

In contrast, by identifying the fundamental elements in this self-healing process (such as diet, lifestyle, etc.) and making specific suggestions as their improvement, the generative physician seeks to engineer the emergence (holism) of a more integrated, robust capability in their patient.

All healthy living systems exhibit robust behavior: they recover from perturbations (disruptions) through their innate self-organizing processes. Increasing systemic robustness in the patient has the added advantage of increasing their responsiveness to the more high-level, fine-tunable aspects of good health, such as bioenergetics and the mind-body connection.

The Generative Paradigm:

PREDICTION: All forms of information (molecular, genomic and traditional) are integrated into a program of appropriate treatment.  This can help avoid drug reactions and optimizes opportunities for exceptional clinical responses.

PREVENTION: The physician anticipates health problems and focuses on wellness, not disease.

PERSONALIZATION: Taking a careful patient history, performing a thorough physical exam, and utilizing innovative diagnostic testing allow naturopathic physicians to hone in on treatments and recommendations specific to each patient.

PARTICIPATION: The patient is placed at the center of the medical team and is empowered to take more responsibility for their health and care.

At the new Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine students are mentored by Dr. D’Adamo, as they practice fine-tuning their skills in the art of personalized care.   Both in the clinic and classroom, students have an unparalleled opportunity to learn from a true pioneer in the field.

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