Clinic ExperienceA year ago, I came to the Naturopathic Medicine clinic which became my weekly source of strength and promise for a recovery.  The extensive testing performed at the clinic confirmed that I had Leaky Gut Syndrome. Since that time I have received treatment from many of the students and clinicians depending on whether I was dealing with back pain, gut pain or the accompanying emotional pain. It has been a long road and an exciting one in that I was part of the learning process and a part of the team that searched for ultimate healing.

The whole experience at this clinic which includes such kindness, compassion and understanding has made this an absolute necessity in the lives of today’s population. The Naturopathic approach to healing is paramount to solving problems that our world and our ways of eating have led us into even more than the past. Most of all, I have enjoyed the humor, grace and love care of all those I have met along the way.

–Johanna Moore


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