Program Director and Vice President for Health Sciences
David M. Brady, ND, DC, CCN, DACBN
Office of the Provost / Wahlstrom, 7th floor

Program Associate Director
Karen Siclare MS, CNS
END Hall 113A

Assistant Director, Curriculum Development
Linda Fleming MS, CNS

Assistant Director, Online Learning
Steven Lindner, DC, DACBN

Program Coordinator
Terri Roma
END Hall 113 B

Current Faculty

Andrea Adimando
BS, Lehigh University
MSN, Yale University
MS, University of Bridgeport
DNP, Chatham University
Nutr 560G

Felix Bocchino
BS, Manhattan College
MS, PhD, Fordham University
Nutr 121, 560A

Margaret Carroll
BS, MA, Hofstra University
PhD, St. John’s University
Nutr 122

Dan Cardellichio
DC, New York Chiropractic College
MS, University of Bridgeport
Nutr 560A

Oscar Coetzee
BA, University of Pretoria
MS, LaSale University
MS, University of Bridgeport
DCN, Maryland Univ. of Integrative Health
Nutr 560K

Vanessa Ducas
BS, York College
PhD, Yale University
Nutr 122

Linda Fleming
BS, Adelphi University
MS, Long Island University
MS, University of Bridgeport
Nutr 560E, 560K and 123

James Gerber
BA, University of California, Santa Barbara
MS, University of Bridgeport
DC, Western States Chiropractic College
Courses Nutr 560C, 560P

Chelsea Gordon
BS, Bastyr University
ND, Bastyr University
Nutr 560H

Albert Grazia
BA, City Center College, NY
MS, University of Bridgeport
PhD, University of Medicine and Dentistry, NJ
Course Nutr 560F

Michelle Hessberger
BS, University of Massachusetts
MS, University of New Haven
ND, University of Bridgeport
Nutr 560D

Michael Jurgelewicz
BS, Parker College of Chiropractic
BS, Pennsylvania State University
DC, Parker College of Chiropractic
Nutr 560F, 560I

Barry Kendler
BA, City College of New York
MS, PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Nutr 123 560H and 560J

Steven Lindner
BS, University of New York
MS, NY Chiropractic College
DC, Life University
Nutr 121, 560C, 560K

Richard Lord
BS, Georgia State
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
NIH, Post Doctorate Fellowship
NIH, Staff Fellowship
Nutr 560I

Artemis Morris
BS, University of Connecticut
MS, Bastyr University
ND, Bastyr University
Nutr 560G

Jeffrey Moss
DDS, University of Michigan Dental School
Diplomate, American Clinical Board of Nutrition
CNS-Certified Nutrition Specialist
Nutr 560C

Julia O’ Sullivan
BS, Empire State College
MS, University of Bridgeport
ND, University of Bridgeport
Nutr 560P

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