Degree Requirements

Degree candidates must complete the courses listed in the 50-credit curriculum with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B average). All degree requirements are to be completed within a 5-year period. To complete the program within 28 months, students must take two courses per term, three terms per year.

All students are required to pass an on campus comprehensive examination approximately 3 months after the completion of all coursework in order to graduate. The exam is held on a Sunday morning, twice annually, on the main campus in Bridgeport, Conn. Travel expenses are the student’s responsibility.

Instructional Format

The M.S. in Human Nutrition is offered in two formats:

  • One-weekend per month On-Campus Weekend Program
  • Online Program delivered through a digital online learning system (Canvas)

Weekend Option Structure

The M.S. in Human Nutrition on-campus is delivered one weekend per month for 28 months. Classes are scheduled Saturday through Sunday 9 AM–5 PM each day. Two courses, 560M and 560K are taken online only. Students must have a computer with Internet access to complete these courses.

Online Option Structure

The M.S. in Human Nutrition online is delivered entirely through UB’s digital platform, Canvas, with the exception of the required on-campus comprehensive exam at the conclusion of the degree. The online program is structured and not self-paced, however, students are able to login at their convenience to complete assignments by their posted due dates.


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