The Program

The Joint program allows chiropractic students to pursue the M.S. in Human Nutrition while they are working on the D.C. degree.


Student must be in good academic standing and have a QPR of 3.0 or greater
Completion of chiropractic studies 5th semester
Apply to MS program 4th semester
Recommendation of UBCC Dean or Associate Dean

Entry Requirements

Completed Application (fee waived)
Personal Statement of 500 words or less on why you wish to take the program
Entry Point: Third Term of Nutrition Program – to complete your MS at the same time as your  DC you must take 2 courses in each of our terms as outlined below, Fall, Spring and Summer from 5th semester on of chiropractic school.

Transfer Credits Awarded

560A-Pathophysiologic Basis of Metabolic Diseases-4 credits
Exempted by PA 611 and PA 622
560B-Biochemistry of Nutrition- 4 credits
Exempted by BCS 511 and BC 612
560C Vitamins and Minerals 3 credits
Exempted by CN621 and CN712
560D-Clinical Biochemistry– 3 credits
Exempted by DX 624
560M Evidence Based Nutrition 3 credits
Exempted by PP624 and MB623
*Note: Transfer credit requires a “B” or better in corresponding UBCC coursework
Total credits waived: 17

Courses Required
560E-Assessments of Nutritional Status- 3 credits
Term 2 Spring or Summer
560G Lifelong Healing with Food- 4 credits
Term 3 Fall or Summer
560H-Developmental Nutrition- 3 credits
Term 4 Fall or Spring
560I-Functional Medicine and Nutrition -3 credits
Term 5 Spring or Summer
560F-Nutritional Therapeutics- 4 credits
Term 5  Spring or Summer
560K-Virtual Clinic-(online)- 4 credits
Term 6 Fall Spring

Total credits required 24

Sample Schedule Options

  1. Begin in Nutrition Institute’s spring semester following UBCC’s fall (5th) semester
    Spring following 5th semester
    460E and H
    460I and F
    460G and P
  2. Begin in Nutrition Institute’s summer semester following UBCC’s spring (5th) semester
    Summer following 5th semester
    560E and G
    560H and P
    460 F and I

*If student is receiving financial aid for DC program, final course (560K) in MS program will not qualify for aid as it begins after DC graduation date. It totals 4 graduate credits.

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