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Professional Development in Nutrition for MDs and DOs Seeking CNS® Eligibility

Integrate functional clinical nutrition into patient strategies and obtain advanced independent board certification in nutrition.

The University of Bridgeport’s Physicians in Nutrition program is offered to licensed MDs and DOs who are interested in completing eligibility requirements for the pathway to the Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®) credential. Our non-degree program allows students to complete the requirement coursework either online or on campus at a flexible pace and cost-effective rate.

Program Highlights

  • As few as five (5) courses in less than one year (16 credits – audit basis)
  • Eligible to sit for the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists exam for the CNS® (Certified Nutrition Specialist®) credential
  • Additional optional courses offered for specialization
  • Available both online and one weekend per month on campus
  • Tuition is based on current year auditing rates for graduate courses

Additional Benefits include:

  • One free enrollment to a post-graduate online University of Bridgeport Nutrition Institute (UBNI ) course offered by the Post Graduate Education Department valid for two (2) years after completion of the curriculum (books/course materials not included).
  • Participation in Nutrition Institute practitioner/intern network; referrals of UBNI graduates for internship or employment in a member’s practice.

Admission Requirements

In order to be eligible to audit courses in University of Bridgeport’s Nutrition Program, MD or DO physician applicants will be required to:

  • Submit a valid medical license
  • Submit medical school transcripts
  • Submit additional certificates of course completion related to clinical nutrition
  • Submit a Physicians in Nutrition application and include a brief statement (250-500 words) outlining current work in nutrition therapy and future goals

The Associate Director of the MS Human Nutrition program can advise applicants on details on prerequisite knowledge.

Completion Requirements

Students enrolled in required courses on an audit basis must achieve a satisfactory rating on all required coursework. The following courses are offered to provide the necessary credits to physician applicants to obtain the needed hours of nutrition study and practice to sit for the CNS exam.

NUTR 560E Nutrition Assessment – 3 credits

NUTR 560I Functional Medicine Nutrition (Biochem) – 3 Credits

NUTR 560F Nutrition Therapeutics – 4 credits

NUTR 560C Vitamins and Minerals – 3 credits

NUTR 560H Developmental Nutrition – 3 credits

(UB’s academic credits are not awarded to auditors.)

Pathway to Certification Details

The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS) has confirmed that University of Bridgeport’s Physicians in Nutrition program fulfills the current nutrition coursework eligibility requirements for the pathway to the Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®) credential for licensed MD/ DOs. To grant the CNS, the BCNS requires a medical degree from a regionally accredited university, a minimum set of nutrition-related courses, 1000 hours of nutrition practice experience, and successful completion of the Certification Examination for Nutrition Specialists. BCNS reviews each CNS candidate’s application individually to determine eligibility. To learn more about becoming a CNS, visit



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