Admission Requirements

The Ph.D. in Technology Management program is an advanced level program. Students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of fundamental concepts in management and technology gained through appropriate undergraduate and graduate education.

Program Prerequisites

  • Students admitted to the Ph.D. program should have a business or management degree as well as an engineering, computer science or technology degree. To be more specific, a student should have either: (1) An undergraduate Engineering or Technology (STEM[1] category) degree and an MBA or MS in Technology Management or Engineering Management or Management of Technology (MOT) or equivalent graduate degree; or (2) an undergraduate Business or Management or TM or MOT or equivalent degree and a Master’s degree in Engineering, Technology or STEM.
  • Recommended cumulative undergraduate and graduate grade point average of 3.5 GPA or higher.
  • Three+ years of industry experience or equivalent is desired.
  • A minimum GRE score of 700 on the Quantitative section (155 on the revised scale) or better[2].
  • For international applicants, the required minimum TOEFL score is 81 (internet-based) or 553 (paper-based). The required minimum IELTS score is 6.5.

Required Materials

  1. Completed paper or online application form.
  2. Application fee of USD $75 to be paid online by credit card, electronic check, or by money order.
  3. Recommendation Letters. Two confidential letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with technical, professional, and personal qualifications.
  4. Transcripts. Official copies of the transcripts from each college or university attended. If transcripts are not in English, please arrange to have official English translations made.
  5. Statement of Purpose. A 250-500 word essay describing your aptitude and motivation for graduate study in your area of specialization, including your preparation for this field of study, your academic plans or research interests in your chosen area of study, and your future career goals. Please be specific about why the Ph.D. in TM degree at the University of Bridgeport would be a good intellectual fit for you.
  6. Resume. A written compilation of your education, work experience, credentials and accomplishments presenting your background and skills.
  7. Official TOEFL and IELTS scores are generally required of applicants whose native language is not English. The University of Bridgeport School Code for TOEFL is 3914.
  8. Official GRE scores are required for all applicants to the Ph.D. in TM degree program.

Deadline Information

We accept applications on a rolling basis for fall entry into the program. A completed application and all supporting materials must be received in order to be considered for admission.

Additional Information

Interested students in the Ph.D. program without a master’s degree must apply and may be admitted into a master’s program first, and then upon satisfactorily completing the master’s degree, they would be eligible to apply for the Ph.D. program. This route assumes an appropriate Bachelor’s degree (see Program Prerequisites).

Please refer to both the General Admissions Information and the Ph.D. in TM web sites for detailed requirements. (go here for international applications or here for domestic applications. More detailed information can be located here).

Contact Information

Please send admissions materials to:
Office of Graduate Admissions
University of Bridgeport
126 Park Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604
For questions contact:
International Inquiries:
Steven Boyd

Domestic Inquiries:
Melanie Rogers

Program Director
Elif Kongar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Technology Management and Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 203-576-4379
Fax: 203-576-4750
221 University Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604

[1] STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering or Math; MOT= Management of Technology.
[2] A lower Quantitative GRE score might be acceptable if applicants are otherwise competitive. Students with an undergraduate and graduate degree in engineering or STEM, with three or more years of business experience, may be exempt from the GRE requirement.


Academic Requirements

The requirements for Ph.D. in TM students include the following:

  1. Completion of an appropriate Master’s Degree (with an appropriate Bachelor’s degree)
  2. Minimum Total Credit Hours required = 45 credits beyond a Master’s degree.
  3. Five (5) Doctoral Seminars of three (3) credit hours each or 15 credit hours are required. (E.g. one (1) Quantitative Methods Seminar and two (2) Research Methodologies Seminars),TCMG 645 – Technology New Venture Creation and TCMG 620 – Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation.
  1. An additional five (3-credit hours each) courses, or 15 credit hours, in specific areas such as: Area 1 – New Technology Venture Creation and Area 2 – Select Current & Emerging Technologies (Technology Concentrations)
  2. A one-semester teaching practicum requirement.
  3. Comprehensive written examination of Areas 1 and 2. The comprehensive exams must be passed before any Ph.D. dissertation work is begun.
  4. At least 15 credit hours of dissertation research, including a dissertation proposal, oral defense and culminating in a written dissertation and in a dissertation defense.
  5. Completion of one publishable quality journal paper, or two refereed conference papers, within the course of the Ph.D. research topic as determined by faculty.

The Ph.D. in TM dissertation must demonstrate both intellectual merit by potentially advancing the knowledge in the technology management and related fields and have a potential broader impact by benefiting society or advancing desired societal outcomes in creating original or potentially transformative concepts as defined in the National Science Foundation (NSF) criteria for intellectual merit and broader impacts criteria.
The Ph.D. in TM is an interdisciplinary degree for which all Ph.D. students must take a common core of five (5) required courses and choose from elective courses from Area 1 (New Technology Venture Creation) and Area 2 (Current and Emerging Technologies – Technology Concentrations). Each student can choose elective courses from three study options (see below and Appendix 1). A list and short description of core and elective courses by Concentration is provided in Appendix 2.

  • Focus on Area 1 – New Technology Venture Creation (e.g. Entrepreneurship and Corporate Venturing): Number of courses to be taken in Area 1 is three courses each from Area 1 and two courses each from Area 2 (in one of the Technology Concentrations).
  • Focus on Area 2 – Current and Emerging Technologies – (Technology Concentrations) Number of courses to be taken in Area 2 is four from Area 2 from one of the following Technology Concentration areas and one from Area 1. The Technology Concentration areas focus on one of the following:
    • Bio-Tech and Bio-Medical Technology, Systems and Processes
    • Information Analytics, Technology and Decision Support Systems
    • Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics Technology, Systems and Processes
  • Combination of Areas 1 and 2 – Number of courses to be taken is two each from Area 1 and three each from Area 2. In Area 2, the students must pick courses from one Technology Concentration area for depth coverage.
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