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UB’s Honors Program: Preparation for Success

The Honors Program offers a challenging program for those who excel here at UB. Recent UB Honors Program grads have gone on to some of the best colleges and universities in the world for graduate study and have also gone on to assume important roles in the professional arena.

The Honors Program, which is overseen by faculty with the support of the deans of the College of Public & International Affairs (CPIA) and the School of Arts & Sciences, began in 2004. The program’s learning environment utilizes both multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches and also prepares students with skills needed to succeed in today’s society.

The Honors Program facilitates the academic inquiry of its students and faculty. Team teaching, seminar moderation, and course material evaluation are conducive to the multi-faceted competencies and expertise of Honors Program faculty, who have extensive research backgrounds.

The intended final product of the Honors Program is a graduate whose academic training can extend beyond the limits of conventional disciplines. Such a graduate is meant to be more reflective, more confident of academic skills, and possess higher expectations of himself/herself.

Courses and classes are conducted in either or both of two ways: lecture style or seminars. Lectures may be given by a team of faculty who contribute to a course. Seminars may be moderated by a faculty member with presentations given by students in the course. Both lectures and seminars draw upon the research backgrounds and specializations of Honors Program faculty. Previous courses have included “International Human Rights,” “Readings on the Intellectual Cutting Edge,” and “Perspectives on Happiness,” taught with lively discussions and debates, and student projects and presentations.

Expectations and standards for students regarding intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity, and academic motivation and discipline, as well as pre-class preparation and in-class involvement, will be higher than normal. However, courses will be designed to challenge and inspire students, rather than simply burden them with extra work.

The concept of “honor” will often be explored as it relates to issues of character and leadership, personal and collective creativity, and service orientation.

Robert Riggs
Department: World Religions
Timothy Eves
Department: Philosophy
Diane Krumrey
Department: English
Mark Setton
Department: Martial Arts
David Oberleitner
Department: Psychology
Dave Benjamin
Department: Political Science
Emily Larned
Department: Design
Beth Skott
Department: Sociology

The Honors Program at the University of Bridgeport is designed for students of exceptional academic achievement. Admittance to the program is by invitation. Criteria that are considered in admittance include:

  • High academic achievement in secondary school as well as exceptional recommendations from the student’s teachers and counselors.
  • For entering students, combined SAT scores of 1800 or higher (or 1200 or higher under the updated, 1600-point scale).
  • For transfer students, participation in an Honors Program in their previous school and a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.
  • For current UB students, a minimum of two semesters with a cumulative average of 3.5 or higher and a recommendation from the Honors Faculty.

For further information on eligibility, contact

Students completing the Honors Program have “Hons.” indicated following BA/BS on his/her diploma. This does not preclude a student from earning Summa or Magna Cum Laude.

Honors Program graduates will also receive a University of Bridgeport Honors Scholar certification (approved by the University) upon completion of the program.

While at the University of Bridgeport, Honors Program students may have an Honors faculty advisor/mentor to assist them in their selection of courses and in the preparation of a long-term graduate school and career trajectory.

Honors Program students will have the opportunity to participate in any special Honors Programs field trips, symposia, and conferences.

Students may be eligible for additional scholarship opportunities while at the University of Bridgeport.

  • Completion of at least three of the courses specifically created by members of the Honors Program faculty. Consult the Course Catalog or your dean for more information on these courses.
  • Completion of two other University courses that are designated by the Honors Program Faculty or the dean of a student’s school or college as Honors courses. Note that these must be courses that have been treated as honors course by the Honors Program in the past.
  • An Honors Thesis (optional but strongly recommended).
  • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. In addition, students must earn at minimum a “B-” in an Honors Program course or designated honors course in order for that course to be counted toward the Honors Program. Any student who receives below a “B-” in two Honors courses will not be permitted to continue with the Honors Program.


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