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Did you know:

  • One of the most reoccurring questions our admissions counselors receive is, “do you offer any study abroad programs.”
  • UB students who participate in study abroad programs are retained to graduation at a rate of 99%.

How to advise your students about study abroad programs:

The University of Bridgeport has a long-standing institutional commitment to comprehensive campus internationalization.  As a part of this commitment, UB is fully supportive of our students, faculty, and staff pursuing education abroad experiences. The Education Abroad Resource Center (EARC) is here to help faculty and students navigate the world of international education.  From vetting programs to organizing course approvals for transfer, we’re here to help.

If you have a student interested in an international program, please encourage them to schedule an initial advising appointment with the EARC.  We’ll give students ideas for appropriate programs, coach them through the paperwork that needs to be complete to approve their program, and help them locate funding sources so their international education goals can become a reality.

Students can schedule a meeting with an education abroad advisor by following this link.

How to plan a faculty-led trip:

Faculty-led programs can be a great way to encourage deeper engagement with course content. If you are interested in organizing an international, faculty-led program, or if you have built a relationship with a school outside the U.S. and you are interested in exploring options to form an official partnership, the Education Abroad Resource Center wants to support you!

The UB Faculty-Led Program Approval Process and Application (PDF)  will bring you to a general outline for the different phases involved with organizing a faculty-led program. The final pages of this document include an application which can be used to propose a faculty-led program to senior administration.

You can start by contacting the Education Abroad Resource Center at .


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