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UB Global Ambassadors are returned study abroad students who advocate for the merits of study abroad on our campus.

Global Ambassadors are peer advisors and recruitment specialists. By sharing their stories and encouraging others to study abroad, Global Ambassadors play an important role in helping to internationalize the UB campus. Students who complete the UB Global Ambassador Program expectations receive a UB Certificate of Global Engagement

Meet Our Global Ambassadors

Ana Rena ‘19

Interning in Amman, Jordan and studying abroad in Meknes, Morocco were the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my college career. Nothing compares to traveling and living in a country with a different language and culture than yours. My favorite memories were created abroad. Studying abroad for me was and is my main source of becoming fluent in Arabic. But of course, when traveling abroad it’s like an educational vacation. My favorite memories from Jordan are snorkeling in the Red Sea, spending a night in the dessert with Bedouins while drinking tea and watching the sunset from the back of a 4×4, and riding camels. My favorite memories from Morocco are spending my weekdays at my school which was the most beautiful, colorful and artistic building in the city, surfing in Rabat, and making life-long local friends in this small city, Asilah. I whole heartedly believe that every UB student should experience life abroad, even if it’s just for a few weeks. When you study abroad you realize how extremely big and diverse the world really is. You become aware to the problems other countries are facing. You learn of their educational system, health system, and living style. You’ll return home with a new perspective of life because you will have experienced another culture and another custom. You will have experienced somebody else’s “normal.” It is also important to go to these different countries with an open mind, specifically for learning about the other humans of the world. In that way, you’ll be more compassionate and understanding of other people’s differences.

Woobery Hilarion ‘18

Having the chance to study abroad in both South Korea and Costa Rica have been the most amazing experiences and a privilege. I have had the opportunity to immerse myself into two different cultures and learn things that I could not have learned on my own. As a health care student I was fortunate to be able to assist the medical staff at the nursing home in Guadalupe, Costa Rica. As a student I was also fortunate to have assisted patients that were in intensive care as well as taking vitals. The hands-on experience was beyond my expectation. Other students and I were given the opportunity to launch our own health care campaign in low income areas in the community to help people get the medical support that they need in order to make an impact. Our campaign was to examine young children who do not have access to basic medical and dental care. These children are now getting the assistance that they need to help improve their lives. This project showed me that the power to accomplish something great is limitless to those who are willing to put in the effort. I have to say that having the chance to study abroad has been the most spectacular experience of my life. Being in South Korea helped me prove to myself that I can be independent, both as a young woman and as a student, but my time in Costa Rica helped shape who I am. I have always wanted to be in the healthcare field. My study abroad experience in Costa Rica showed me that the healthcare field was not only what I wanted for myself, but also where I belong.

Ruta Smith ‘18

I am Ruta Smith, a religion and politics major at UB with a focus in the Middle East and minors in Psychology and Modern Languages. I am passionate about working with refugees and have been studying Arabic at UB for two years. I went to Morocco this summer to continue my Arabic studies, with the help of the Gilman scholarship. I would highly recommend studying abroad to anyone! I had an incredible experience living with a host family, who I am confident will remain close for years to come. I obtained seven credits transferable towards my degree, and traveled extensively around the beautiful country! Being immersed in a culture that is not your own is a truly eye-opening experience that changes you somewhat forever. I will cherish my memories riding a camel in the desert and sleeping under the stars, speaking Arabic with Taxi drivers and so many kind strangers, getting lost walking around my city, hearing the call to pray echo out five times a day, eating with my hand from a dish we all share, feeding the monkeys in the mountains, sharing my water with eager street children, swimming in the strong, blue ocean, buying goods in the marketplace, full of smells and sensations, and so, so many more. Thinking about it makes me yearn to travel again, and I can honestly say that I learned so much about myself, Morocco, and this world from my study abroad experience.

Bobby Singh ‘18

My study abroad in Brazil was one of the best experiences of my life and it really helped me define myself, come out of my comfort zone, and appreciate the people and things I have in my life. Brazil has helped to bring out the real me. I met with so many people and I was not once disappointed. Every single person I met in Brazil was very nice and caring. During my stay in Brazil, I had homestay arrangements with a Brazilian family which was absolutely a unique experience to have. My host family was incredible. I learned a lot from them about the country’s situation and the culture from a Brazilian’s point of view. I could not have asked for a better experience. In Brazil, not only did I have wonderful cultural experiences, but also I educated myself and took the time to learn a new language which was not easy. But at the end of the day, I tried my best.

I would love to influence and encourage UB students to study abroad. I feel like it is one of the most crucial things in life to do at least once in their lifetime. Studying abroad will broaden their horizons and create new opportunities for networking and making new friends that might be resourceful in the future. These things can help students bring out the true potential from within.

Ryan Saunders ‘20

Hi everyone! My name is Ryan Saunders. I am majoring in International Political Economy and Diplomacy with a concentration in Peace and Development Studies. During the 2017 summer break, I studied abroad in the Pura Vida capital of the world: Costa Rica. Traveling to Costa Rica allowed me to go outside of my comfort zone. It taught me more than any class will, I learned that there are more things to life than just myself and the people in my life, its about the bigger picture and the whole world. While there I completed my internship at a rural sustainable community center where I learned a multitude of things, such as planting coffee, creating tile mosaics, helping and preparing food for the local community. In addition to the things I learned, I also gained lifelong friends from Costa Rica, other parts of the US, Quebec, and even France.
In addition to the internship and study abroad in the local community, I got to stay in San Jose for a few days and relax before returning to the United States. Studying abroad was one the best decisions and I hope to do it again next summer in Norway! I encourage all students who have even the smallest thought of it to go for it, it’s all about what you make it.

Luce Estiverne ‘18

My first trip with the study abroad department was to Costa Rica during the Summer 2016. Since this was my first trip alone in a different environment with a different language, I was really nervous. I told myself this will be one of the many opportunities that you will have to take a chance and just go with it. I took the chance and found myself in the middle of nowhere with a community that made me feel welcome and a host family that treated me as if I were one of their own. During my time in Costa Rica, I was able to adapt to the language, experience the culture and enjoy the many other foreign students.

My second trip abroad was to South Korea which quite the polar opposite from my time in Costa Rica. I went from living in a small village to living in the middle of a metropolitan city. I loved every minute of it. I spent my time living in campus housing and going to my psychology and aging classes. I was able to learn how the system works culturally in South Korea, especially with South Korea’s population becoming one of the oldest in the world. Even though I spent much of my time in the classroom, I was able to explore the Art in Dongdaemun, walk to the night life in Itaewon and enjoy the Korean Barbecue in Wangshimni. The small things are what make studying abroad such an amazing experience.

Andrea Jones ‘18

I had the privilege of completing an internship at the ASOPROLA community center in Costa Rica, for six weeks. The purpose of my internship was to learn about sustainable practices. While I was there I got to milk goats, tend to coffee plants, and add to ceramic tiling in the community center. Those were the main projects that I worked on. On top of these tasks I lived at a homestay in a town called San Isidro, about a 15 min walk away. My family had 4 boys and 1 girl and they became my source of joy and comfort in a foreign country where I felt lost and lonely at times. My family welcomed me into their lives with no questions asked. They met me once and I fell in love with them and I know by the end they felt the same. Every UB student should study abroad because it is a priceless experience to be welcomed into a new community and from there find a family who loves and accepts you despite the differences you both have. Through this experience I learned to find joy and beauty in the little things. Each morning that I walked to the community center I had a beautiful view of the mountains and valleys in the area. During this walk that I took for two weeks straight I was able to appreciate the nature and beauty that surrounded me. This showed me that no matter what is happening in life, it is important to stop and look around and enjoy the love and peace that lies within nature.

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