One of UB’s primary objectives is to establish more formal Industry Advisory Boards (IABs) at the School levels (Business, Engineering, etc.) and at the Graduate Studies and Research Division level. The intent is to expand UB’s outreach initiatives and activities with local and regional community, industry, and government organizations and leaders.

The purpose of the IABs is to have external industry, government, and regional community members provide independent external advice, counsel, and support to the Graduate Studies and Research Division, select UB schools and programs, and help the division and schools fulfill their missions and objectives.


  • Provide external advice and counsel to the Graduate Studies and Research Division, and select schools  on their respective programs and initiatives, from an industry and market perspective.
  • Help shape the direction of education by suggesting ideas for new courses, degree and certificate programs, and interdisciplinary initiatives.
  • Provide industry participation and validation for new degree and certificate programs as well as periodic accreditation and reaccreditation reviews by external agencies (to facilitate the review of university and specific school accreditation and licensing agency requirements).
  • Support institutional and sponsored research through grants, contributions, joint collaborations, and related services.
  • Hire student interns, co-ops, and graduates.
  • Increase the visibility and image of UB and promote UB to potential students, employers, government agencies, businesses, and industry.
  • Assist with fundraising activities and/or in-kind service activities such as equipment/hardware/software, donations, and time allocated to UB activities.
  • Champion and support programs to attract potential donors, partners, and friends.
  • Serve as a liaison between UB and IAB member organizations by communicating developments at the university and assisting UB to coordinate promotional events at IAB member locations.

Current IAB Members

iab members 2015

Company IAB Representative Title/ Department
3M Purification Inc. Dan Tenney Vice President, Quality
AGR Bodine Mark Michael General Manager
ASML Mark Schuster Sr. Manager
Boehringer Ingelheim Anna Ransley Director, Application Management Americas
Broadridge Susan Certoma President, Brokerage Processing and Wealth Management
Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. Don Balducci Interim Director, Advance Manufacturing Center
Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. Robert Torrani Director, Advanced Manufacturing Center
Connecticut Innovations Mark Zhu Investment Associate
Cooper Surgical Russell Heinrich VP of R&D
Crisply Greg Fell Chief Strategy Officer & CIO
Entrepreneurial Foundation Michael Roer President
eRichards Consulting, LLC Mark Richards CEO
IBM Joseph S. (Joe) Savino Manager, Enterprise Software Sales
IPC Systems Israel Hersh SVP, Research and Development
Kubtec Vikram Butani President
Oracle Rajesh Bhatia VP, Product Development
Pitney Bowes Rajiv Arora VP, Planning and Programming Office – TechCentral
Pitney Bowes Arthur Parkos Vice President, Strategic Technology & Innovation Center John Caine Chief Product Officer
Sikorsky Aircraft Chris Romanoff Program Manager
Standard Oil Bishad Ghimire CIO
Tangoe David Alley SVP, HR
University of Bridgeport Khaled Elleithy Associate Dean, School of Engineering
University of Bridgeport Gad Selig Associate Dean, Business Development Director, Technology Management Program and Director, CTech Incubator
University of Bridgeport Tarek Sobh VP, Graduate Studies & Research Division & Dean, School of Engineering
Vodaphone Tony Bodetti VP & COO
X.L. Global Services Ursuline Foley Senior VP and CIO
Xerox Corporation Beth Gollogly VP Business Transformation
Frank Kuchinski Product Launch Consultant
John O’Rourke Consultant


Dr. Gad J. Selig, PMP, COP
Associate Dean, Business Development Graduate Studies and Research Division and
Director, Technology Management Graduate Programs, School of Engineering

University of Bridgeport
230 Park Ave.
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Office: (203) 576 – 4870
Fax: (203) 576 -5388


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