The mission of the Technology Commercialization Group is to expedite and facilitate the transformation of UB and UB partner discoveries into products and services that benefits industry, society and the Connecticut economy. Funded by a grant from CTNext, a subsidiary of Connecticut Innovations, the purpose of the grant is to create a consortium of small, medium and large institutions to develop a Connecticut inter-disciplinary (e.g. business, life sciences, physical sciences and STEM) and inter-institutional network for improving innovation and entrepreneurship collaboration amongst partner institutions to accelerate the growth of new business/technical ventures in Connecticut. The mission also includes assisting UB’s partner institutions (e.g. Fairfield University, Housatonic Community College and Norwalk Community College) to help them formalize, stimulate and accelerate their technology commercialization processes, while leveraging UConn’s tech transfer and technology commercialization experience and resources.

Commercialization Support

There is a logical order to ideas as they take shape, evolve into inventions and move forward to commercialization. The Technology Commercialization Group (TCG) guides this process. TCG is often the first stop for inventors seeking to advance new ideas and products. TCG helps manage intellectual property created at the university.
When faculty and students make a discovery, the Technology Commercialization Group (TCG) can help. TCG will assess an invention for its commercial potential by evaluating its technical strength, market potential and patentability. We will also take into consideration whether or not a prototype exists or proof of principle experiments are complete, or a potential commercial partner has been identified and expressed interest. If an invention is considered to be a reasonable risk, a patent application may be filed by UB partners. UB will file its own patents, when appropriate.
Once the evaluation is completed, TCG will work (if mutually agreed and warranted) with UB and UB partner faculty and students to help license, commercialize, sell or seed fund the technology, help establish a new company, or make other recommendations.
Interest in a UB technology by a commercial partner may require that a Confidential Disclosure Agreement be negotiated between UB or the UB partner institutions and the Company prior to exchanging detailed information about an invention.

Services and Forms

TCG offers the following services:

    • Mentoring and coaching on tech transfer and commercialization services
    • Invention evaluation, feasibility and potential patentability
    • Invention disclosure form – This form is completed by UB and Partner Inventors and submitted for potential patent evaluation and commercial potential recommendations to UB and, where appropriate by UB, to UCONN for a second opinion
    • UB and UB CTNext grant partner’s innovation application form -This form is completed by UB and partner faculty to submit Grant Application Forms to UB for proof-of-concept and related funding
    • UB and UB CTNext Innovation grant program overview, funding cycle & description: This document provides an overview and introductions and due dates for submitting the invention grant request.
    • Licensing the invention or establishing a new company.
    • UConn Start Grant Program
    • Access to university-wide entrepreneurial, technology ventures and innovation current and planned ecosystem resources, degrees, programs and activities as illustrated below:

Figure 1 – Current and Planned UB’s Venture Development, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Ecosystem

The diagram illustrates current and planned major components of the UB venture development, entrepreneurship and commercialization ecosystem.

Figure 2 – Current and Planned UB Venture Development, Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation Programs and Activities

The umbrella diagram lists many of the specific current and planned degrees, programs and activities supporting the UB ecosystem.Key UB websites to obtain more detailed information about some of the programs are:

Commercialize and/or Incubate your business:


We are here to help! You can contact any of our team members below:

Tarek M.Sobh, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
Dean of the School of Engineering
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Bridgeport
126 Park Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06604

Dr. Gad Selig, PMP, COP

Dean, industry Outreach and Business Development
Head, Technology Commercialization Group
University of Bridgeport
Mandeville Hall, Room 302
230 University Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06604

Christine Hempowicz Ed.D., CRA

Director, Office of Sponsored Research and programs
University of Bridgeport
126 Park Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06604

Christine Duffy

Administrative Coordinator
Sponsored Research and Programs
Wahlstrom Library, Room 714
University of Bridgeport
126 Park Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06604

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