Students in the Acupuncture Institute are eligible for two program-specific merit-based awards. At the time of graduation, Acupuncture students may be awarded:

  1. The Director’s Award for Outstanding Achievement and Scholarship in the field of Acupuncture
  2. The Golden Needle award for mastery in the use of Acupuncture and Moxabustion in
    Clinical Service to Patients

These are awarded at the Honors and Graduation Luncheon at the end of the sixth semester of study.

Yan Huo, Golden Needle Award Recipient, 2012

goldenneedleaward2012I am greatly honored to be receiving this year’s Golden Needle Award. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me reach this point in my path towards a rewarding healthcare career, and share a few thoughts about my journey along the way.

During my many clinical hours, one of my patients observed to me how fortunate we are today that we can combine both eastern and western medicine in order to better serve our health. Acupuncture may have originated in ancient China, but I believe its practice and use belongs to the wealth of human knowledge. The deeper my own understanding of acupuncture techniques and history develops, the more I want to learn. The more clinical practice I experienced, the more I enjoyed it. I feel a great sense of happiness and satisfaction when I see the results of acupuncture in patients, and find joy in helping people recover from their illnesses and pains. I will always strive for excellence in this field which I am so passionate about, and am excited for the future ahead. I am happy to observe that as acupuncture is increasingly acknowledged by the American people, its uses and benefits have also become more common and accepted by the general population.

My three years of study at the University of Bridgeport have been life transforming. I have personally benefited from acupuncture treatment, and I now have the ability to treat others. I truly thankful and appreciative of all the education and clinical experience I received here. I could not have gotten here without the mentoring and support from the faculty, administration and staff. Your rich experiences and knowledge have been eagerly absorbed and I thank you for recognizing me with this prestigious award.

Jeff Campbell, Golden Needle Award Recipient, 2011

goldenneedleI am truly surprised and humbled to be receiving this year’s Golden Needle award. I wish I could be present to accept this award, but my path has led me to the great state of Michigan to begin my health care career. I would like to acknowledge two great assets at UB that assisted me during my journey in becoming a holistic practitioner: Clinic Services and the faculty. Clinic services provided me an outstanding opportunity to interact with patients from all walks of life, bringing all of my education into practice. This allowed me not only to hone my skills as an acupuncturist, but helped develop me into an empathetic healer of the human being as a whole, in mind, body and spirit. I would like to thank the faculty for their diverse knowledge-base, giving a student such as myself the background to approach each patient with the techniques needed to be successful not only in the UB clinic, but out in the world to serve others with dignity and respect. Please know that a piece of your mentorship has been passed on to helping and caring for others. In closing, thank you to both the administration and program faculty involved in the selection process and your acknowledgement of me for this award.

China Scholarship Award

acupuncturechinesescholarship2012 China Scholarship Award winner Meghan Gonick poses with her supervising clinician and fellow interns in the hospital in Shanghai, China.

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