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The University of Bridgeport’s College of Public and International Affairs (CPIA) is a diverse learning community who share a commitment to intercultural communication and understanding through the study of world politics, communications, religion, culture, and the social sciences.

Key underpinnings of the CPIA learning experience include cultural literacy, effective communication, research and writing skills, foreign language study, internship opportunities, and solid academic preparation for careers in international public service.

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CPIA Convocation 2017

College of Public and International Affairs Honors its Best

CPIA top students, scholarship winners, faculty, and visiting scholars were recognized at a pre-graduation honors convocation in May.

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Former Soldier Boy and UB Grad Student Mading Anyuon Speaks on South Sudan

Former “lost boy” and current GLDP ’17 graduate student Mading Anyuon, from South Sudan, talks about the fledgling state of his country and what needs to happen for positive change and stability. Anyuon was one of the “lost boys,” the name for child soldiers forcibly conscripted to fight in the Sudanese civil war.

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