Thank you for your interest in the University of Bridgeport Physician Assistant Institute.

We are proud to provide to talented and dedicated individuals the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to become highly caring and competent physician assistants.

The program at the University of Bridgeport has many features unique to PA education. For instance, the UB Online is guiding us into more self-directed learning. Many of us are video-recording our lectures, so that class time is spent in the pursuit of teaching critical thinking skills and problem solving. We aspire to achieve best practice in medical education and to impart the technologic skills to practice in the evolving world of health care.

The strengths of the faculty of the Physician Assistant Institute reflects the multi-focused approach to medical education. Besides experienced physician assistant educators, full time faculty include a pharmacist and a biochemist who is also a Doctor of Naturopathy. Interests of the faculty range from combating health care disparities to disability rights.

The three-fold mission of the Physician Assistant Institute further accentuates our non-traditional emphasis. First, graduates gain an understanding of global and community health. Didactic instruction in the tenets of global health is underscored by the opportunity to participate in annual medical mission trips. Second, the program places emphasis on understanding the importance of integrative medicine. Students are introduced to the modalities of complementary and alternative medicine. Lastly, the program echoes the University’s mission of volunteerism. The program values student participation in projects to benefit the immediate Bridgeport community.

Our 28-month curriculum begins in January each year, giving applicants more time to meet patient contact requirements after graduation from undergraduate studies. Our small class size gives students and faculty many opportunities to work together one-on-one and in small groups.

If you are interested in becoming a physician assistant with the unique skills necessary to practice twenty-first century medicine, please join us.


Theresa Horvath, PA-C, MPH, DFAAPA
Director, Physician Assistant Institute (PAI)

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