Master of Business Administration Degree

The first overall learning objective for the graduate programs in the School of Business is for students to understand and apply concepts and skills across the basic business disciplines that enable them to be successful in a dynamic global environment. The second objective is for students to develop the competencies that facilitate student success in business.

MBA in Accounting

Students learn the knowledge and skills that enable them to measure, analyze, interpret, and communicate economic data. Students acquire the broad based business knowledge that enables them to integrate accounting practices to achieve strategic goals.

MBA in Analytics Intelligence

Students will learn to transform raw data into valuable insight that enables them to effectively and efficiently discover and present enterprise intelligence for competitive advantage. Students can combine this concentration with other concentrations in the MBA program for additional depth.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship concentration is intended to prepare students who intend to work for start-up companies or larger organizations providing entrepreneurial management. Additionally it prepares students for “social entrepreneurship” since the knowledge acquired in this program can also be applied to businesses with a social mission.

MBA in Finance

Students learn financial concepts that provide the basis for careers in finance. Students develop the technical and analytical skills needed to pursue a variety of careers in the finance industry.

MBA in Human Resources Management

The M.B.A. in Human Resources Management prepares students for leadership in a multi-cultural workplace. The program provides the knowledge needed for the practice of human resources management and seeks to instill ethical managers who understand the strategic importance of human resources.

MBA in International Business

Students will specifically understand the economic, cultural, legal and political issues associated with international business. Students will be prepared to lead and manage organizations in the global business environment.

MBA in Management

Students learn the knowledge and skills that prepare them to plan, build, and run a successful business enterprise. Students also learn how to lead and work effectively with people within an organization.

MBA in Marketing

Students are prepared for marketing careers and specifically learn the knowledge and skills that are required to create, promote, distribute, price and manage products, services and ideas to customers in a satisfying exchange relationship. Students develop an understanding of human behavior related to marketing activity.

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