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Program Overview

This hybrid M.S. degree program seeks to develop competent professionals not seeking state certification. The degree meets the diverse professional needs of teachers and other working professionals. Candidates for this program include a variety of professional educators, including:

  • Teachers who already hold certification
  • International students who wish to teach outside the United States
  • Individuals from fields other than K-12 education who seek to develop the theoretical knowledge and skills needed for effective teaching and learning while earning a graduate degree

Career Opportunities

ln addition to being an attractive and flexible option for certified teachers seeking professional growth, completion of this degree opens many possibilities. Career opportunities specifically suited for professionals with this degree can be found in:

  • Private schools
  • Childcare centers
  • Private and community pre-Kindergarten and nursery schools
  • Infant-toddler programs
  • Family child services and parent skills education
  • Informal education for conducting public educational programs (museums, arts organizations, zoological gardens, astronomical observatories)
  • Governmental and private agencies that do supportive services (tutoring, assessment)
  • Personnel training and development in corporate settings
  • Community centers and libraries that offer teaching positions for continuing education and self-development
  • Student support services at the college/university level
  • Schools outside the United States
  • Textbook publishers


For more information about the Education M.S. degree, please contact Graduate Admissions.



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