Designed for Both Certified and Non-Certified Professionals

The Education M.S. degree with a concentration in Professional Development is designed for those professionals already certified, or for professionals interested in enhancing their educational growth and development through a graduate degree program. In this nonĀ­-certification track, coursework is designed and tailored around the career and professional needs of the student. In particular, for those professionals interested in assuming leadership roles in their schools, coursework is geared towards the contemporary demands within today’s school systems, including accountability, heightened attention to the achievement gap, formalized mentoring of new teachers, and effective strategies for ongoing professional development.

Program Goals

As a student in the Professional Educator Development concentration, you will gain knowledge and skills in:

  • Effective research techniques
  • Strategies for leading colleagues
  • Understanding the parameters of school law
  • Processes related to curriculum development
  • Assessment tools for students, programs, and school performance

Program Requirements


Education M.S. Degree (33 Credits)
Professional Educator Development Concentration


Course Number Course Title Credits
EDMM 631 Classroom Management 3 credits
EDMM 685 CurriculumĀ Development 3 credits
EDUC 500 Research and Report Writing 3 online
EDUC 509 Psychological Foundations in Education 3 online

Total Core Courses = 12

The remaining 21 credits will be individually selected
with the assistance of the student’s advisor.



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