Secondary English Program Overview

The Secondary English program prepares you for grade 7-12 English certification in the state of Connecticut.

Courses explore topics including:

  • Supporting teaching-learning connections
  • Illuminating issues relating to student diversity
  • In-depth exploration of English literature and content

Secondary English Certification Prerequisites

Candidates for the Secondary English program must demonstrate that they meet the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) 3.0 content standard, which states that “Candidates are knowledgeable about language; literature; oral, visual, and written literacy; print and non-print media; technology; and research theory and findings.” Applicants must have either a major in English or show that they have at least 30 credits of English coursework demonstrating both depth and breadth in their coursework. NCTE Standard 3.5 ensures that all students must have completed at least 9 credits in American and British literature, a 3 credit grammar or linguistics course, at least 3 credits in a genre study (such as short story or poetry), 3 credits in composition/communications, 6 credits in world literature, minority literature, and/or women’s literature, a 3 credit Shakespeare course, and a 3 credit advanced seminar or author study.

Course Requirements:

  1. Nine credits in foundations: Special Education and Educational Psychology
  2. Three credits in English methods
  3. Three credits in Reading and Writing in the Content areas
  4. Three credits in Adolescent Literature
  5. Three credits in English-specific areas, including teaching English Language Learners, grammar, and writing
  6. Six credits in field experiences
  7. Appropriate electives as needed to reach 33 credits for the Master’s Degree
  8. Final degree option (PRAXIS II or credit-bearing project)
  9. Resident Teaching (six credits not counting towards the Master’s Degree)
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