Get to Know the Faculty and Staff of UB’s School of Education

Our staff are excited to prepare the next generation of leaders in education!

Check below for contact information and details. You may also call the School of Education directly at (203) 576-4193.


Allen Cook

Allen Cook, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Education
(203) 576-4206

Linda S. Paslov

Linda S. Paslov, Ed.D.
Director of Administrative Operations
(203) 576-4218

Joyce Atkinson

Norma Atkinson
Director Student Services and Resident Teaching
(203) 576-4028

Christine Harkins

Christine Harkins
Executive Secretary to the Dean
(203) 576-4193

UB Faculty and Staff Member

Sebert Brooks
Assessment and Communication Specialist
(203) 576-4103

Joyce Cook

Joyce A. Cook, Ph.D.
CT State Certification Officer and Director
(203) 576-4203

UB Faculty and Staff Member

Patricia Phillips-Gorkowski
Director of Internships
(203) 576-4219


Joana Badara

Joanna Badara, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education;
Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership;
Science Teacher Education Program
(203) 576-4097

Thomas W. Christ

Thomas Christ, Ph.D.
Associate Professor;
Chair, Ed.D. Doctoral Program
(203) 576-4215

Nancy K. DeJarnette

Nancy DeJarnette, Ed.D., Ed.S.
Director, Elementary Education
(203) 576-4764

Ellen Flynn

Ellen Flynn, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(203) 576-4195

Maureen Maloney

Maureen Maloney
Director, Stamford Center
(203) 358-0700

Patricia Mulcahy-Ernt

Patricia Mulcahy-Ernt, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Professor of Education in Reading and Language Arts; Director of the Graduate Programs in Literacy and Secondary English Education
(203) 576-4201

Nelson N. Ngoh

Nelson Ngoh, M.Sc., Ph.D.,

Director, Graduate Studies in Science Education
(203) 576-4204

Lori Noto

Lori Noto, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(203) 576-1014

Steven Rosenberg

Steven Rosenberg, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor and
Department Chair, Literacy Education
(203) 576-2382

Gail Prelli

Gail Prelli, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor,
Educational Leadership
(203) 576-4574

Afrah Richmond

Afrah Richmond, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Director,
Social Studies Program
(203) 576-4194

UB Faculty and Staff Member

Karen Ringwood
Director, Waterbury Center
(203) 575-2091

Patricia Buxton, Ed.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Education
Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership
(203 576-4751)

Joint and Related Faculty

Buket Birkana
Associate Professor,
School of Engineering
(203) 576-4577

Navarun Gupta, M.S., Ph.D.
Associate Professor and
Department Chair of Electrical Engineering,
School of Engineering
(203) 576-4117

David Kraft, Ph.D.
School of Arts and Sciences
(203) 576-4331

Frank Martignetti, Ph.D.

Director of the Music and Performing Arts Program
Assistant Professor of Music, School of Arts and Sciences

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