programs in education The University of Bridgeport takes considerable pride in its history, in the many successful graduates of its programs and in the curriculum that it currently offers.

The School of Education is devoted to the preparation of educational leaders. Our programs are graduate level and are designed with the mature learner in mind. The Teacher Preparation Program prepares candidates for certification as teachers in 21st century school settings. Most students work as interns for one year in area schools and enjoy the reward of a tuition-paid Masters degree. Alternatively, our traditional fee-paying students progress through their programs at their own pace.

The School of Education also prepares candidates at the graduate level for careers in school administration, and remedial reading and language arts. Successful completion of an advanced study program leads to a Sixth Year Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) degree. Our candidates are respected leaders in their fields.

The doctoral program prepares students for leadership positions at senior levels or as experts in their field. The program concentrates on the leadership development of working candidates in higher education, public and private schools and private sector business organizations and culminates in an Ed.D. degree. Graduates from the doctoral program are employed in leadership positions at universities, community colleges, public schools, corporate environments and government.

allen-cook dean school of education
Allen Cook
Professor and Dean,
School of Education

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