Gupta_Navarun_2014Associate Professor, Chair, Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering

Office Location: Engineering – Technology Bldg – Office 138
Telephone: (203) 576-4117
Fax: (203) 576-4105

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Florida International University, 2003
M.S. Physics, Georgia State University, 1992
M.S. Electrical Engineering, Mercer University, 1998

Dr. Gupta joined UB in 2004 after completing a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University in Miami, FL. He currently serves as the Department Chair of Electrical Engineering and also holds the position of Chair Elect of ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education), Zone 1

Biosignal Processing

Communication Lab

Pattern Recognition

Satellite Communication

Introduction to Engineering

Fiber Optics Lab

Digital Signal Processing (both lab and lecture)

Signal Processing, Acoustics and Biosignals, Engineering Education, Image Processing

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