The Cloud Computing Cluster (CCC) develops and implements open-source technologies to support reliable scalable distributed computing in non-relational data environments for science and business.

Bioinformatics Unit (BIU)

Head: Hassan Bajwa, Kris Erodula
Associates: Tamas Ragoncsa

BIU develops comprehensive biomedical instruments and computation tools to assist biomedical researchers to conduct, analyze and interpret experiments on a dramatically accelerated pace. BIU utilizes cloud computing and Apache Map-Reduce frameworks to process unlimited amounts of scattered data via parallel computing on large clusters of computations nodes. Current active projects are:

Advanced Molecular Biotechnology Unit (MBU)

Head: Christian Bach, Prabir Patra
Associates: Tanviben Dalwadi

Research activities at MBU include the study of DNA-protein interactions:

Antimicrobial Laboratory (AML)

Head: Christian Bach, Prabir Patra
Associates: Tanviben Dalwadi, Krupali Patel, Ritishaben Patel

AML is dedicated to identify, develop and disseminate highly efficient and safe antimicrobial and antiseptic substances and materials for widespread use in affordable products to prevent and inhibit microbial contamination in food, water, healthcare and every day products. AML’s vision is to build a broad range of products and solutions to raise the hygienic standard of the world population and to serve a variety of industries, including medical device makers, healthcare providers, consumer products and building materials manufacturers.

Business Intelligence Institute (BII)

Head: Christian Bach, Hassan Bajwa
Associates: Sahas Sakhare, Bilal Khan, Jayakiran Sangasani, Alexandra Escalante, Amit Sathvara, Nilima Shroff, Prithvi Dharmapala

At BII we analyze business processes and develop technology based solutions utilizing cloud computing.


  • Paul Kontogiorgis, IBM
  • Brian Lenaghan, Intel
  • Michael Moreno, Intel
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