The Controls Lab is situated in the Engineering Building (Tech 210) of University of Bridgeport. This lab is used for both instruction and research. Currently, the lab has three stations:

  1. Process Control Station
  2. Mixing Station
  3. Inverted Pendulum

For a brief introduction to the controls lab, please check us out at youtube .


Process Control Station

The Process Control Station combines 4 closed loops with digital and analog sensors and actuators. With a PLC or a controller it is possible to use them individually or cascaded:

  • Level control System
  • Flow rate control System
  • Pressure control System
  • Temperature control System


Figure above: Process Control Station

Festo PLC

Festo PLC can be programmed to control fluid level, flow rate, temperature and pressure without manual intervention.


Figure above: Festo PLC

Mixing Station

The mixing station consists of 3 small holding tanks and a mixing tank. The medium is pumped from the holding tanks to the mixing tank using a pump and 3 process valves. The missing station can be use as part of an automated system. This station is controlled by means of a digital/ analog simulation box; digital/ analog Easyport and Fluidlab (computer); or PLC (Siemens) with touch panel.


Figure above: Mixing Station

Siemens PLC

The PLC can be programmed to mix the fluids according to various recipes. A touch screen panel is used to activate the system along with the PLC.


Figure above: Siemens PLC

Linear Inverted Pendulum

Inverted pendulum system is a nonlinear unstable system, an ideal experiment platform for teaching control theories and conducting various control experiments. Many abstract control concepts, such as the stability and the controllability of a control system, can all be shown visually through the inverted pendulum system.


Figure above: Linear Inverted Pendulum

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