equipment 1
Conveyor Robotic station, operated by Mitsubishi PLC and controlled by HMI. This station can work in semi automation and automation mode by checking the parts by Cognex Vision System.

equipment 2
Integration Cuttler Hamer  HMI, with SLC 500/3 PLC,  with network capability

equipment 3
Small CHEKER from Cognex Co., do an automation parts control.

equipment 4
Designed and built cabinet

equipment 5
Front view on control station, operated an 3 phase AC motor from HMI with different recopies.

equipment 6
Servo motor application for position and incremental control

equipment 7
Mitsubishi PLC with HMI network operated station

equipment 8
Quality control machine – design for automation quality control process in industry. Machine is integrated with vision Cognex system, IAI actuator. Machine can do pattern or dimensional readings.

equipment 9
Quality control machine – vision camera and gripper view

equipment 10
Quality control machine – HMI view, job selector screen

equipment 11
Conveyor machine – MecLab

equipment 12
Robot Arm for Pick and place operation: – This Robotic Conveyor station is operated by Mitsubishi PLC and controlled by HMI and designed for to pick and place application. On this station good or bad object (Parts) determined by Cognex vision camera and Metal or Non metal objects are separated by Robot Arm.

equipment 13
Compact PLC with High Speed Counter Module: – This Control panel is operated by most advances Allen-Bradley PLC – Compact Logix with high speed counter module and control by Panel view HMI. This Control panel is connected to Ethernet and can be monitor and control through any station from the PLC lab.

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