Spring 2012

  • Achyut Thapa
    • Design a code for intelligent actuator and vision camera which is integrated with air cylinders and gripper for different (good-bad) parts to control a quality.
  • Prashant Patel
    • Modifying conveyor station to add PLC and dual port

Fall 2011

  • Xin Jin
    • Color Dispensing machine with the level control and stepper motor with two directional
  • Mayur Patel
    • Design Quality Control machine with Mitsubishi PLC, Intelligent Actuator (iai), Cognex Vision system and HMI
  • Shuhan Kan
    • Design and program HMI screen Panel View Plus 600 to operate remotely station with SLC503

Spring 2011

  • Akash Sheth, Bhavsar Prashant
    • Step -ladder programming for Robotic Conveyor Line and creating HMI screens where each step can be monitoring on the HMI screen.
  • Di Lu, Madhav Patil (GA)
    • Festo Linear Actuator – integrate with Servo motor panel and do multiple movements according to PLC code
  • Di Lu, Madhav Patil (GA), Akash Sheth (GA)
    • Modifying wiring diagrams (adding limit switches, emergency stop, etc.,), ladder logics and setup servo applications for incremental and absolute positioning movements, according to the functions: DRVA, DRVI
  • Bhushan Dharmadhikari GA, Akash Sheth GA, Xiadong Ge, Mumtaz A. Mohammad
    • Research Intelligent Actuator Linear (IAI) slide with the stepper motor and controller built-in: programming, position control.
  • Punit R. Panjwani, Jaspreet Dhiman.
    • Color Dispensing Machine – build a prototype – based on Stepper motor positioning by sending pulses for the movement


  • Hardikkumar Vyas
    • Easy Port from Festo – Build a control panel with FX and ML PLC’s and create 8 different logic to be able to monitoring on PC by using serial RS232 port.
  • Automation of the robotic conveyor Line (CONTINUATION)
    • Stage 1 . Add HMI touch screen and established transparent mode to be able to see PLC processer.
    • Stage 2. Creating Step Logic and modify HMI program accordingly
  • Xin Sun, Hardikkumar Vyas
    • Developing control panel for Servo motor application by using FX3u (transistor output) PLC , add mechanical linear actuator to perform precise movements
  • Madvav Patil, Hardikkumar Vyas
    • Research an Intelligent Actuator Linear Slide
  • Punit R. Panjvani, Jaspreet Dhiman
    • Design and build color dispensing machine by using stepper motor

Fall 2009

  • Chirag Amin
    • Master Project: Close loop control of the scale
  • Ramkrishna Patel
    • Master Project: Design rotatory table for using a shift register for robotic assembly line
  • Akhill Shah
    • Master Project: Design and build temperature controlling chamber using T/C with PID setup
  • Shastri Bhaumik Rajeshbhai
    • Master Project: a/Theory and display board for servo motors
    • Master Project: b/Creating a new recipe in touch screen for simulation CNC machine
  • Bhavishbhai B. Patel
    • Master Project: Design and build PC monitoring system by using EasyVeep software and I/O cables
  • Vipulkumar patel
    • Master Project: Modifications of Robotic arm programs

Spring 2009

  • Jigar Pandya
    • Master Project:  VFD -SLC500
  • Ketankumar C.Patel
    • Master Project:  SLC – Network
  • Amit V. Patel
    • Master Project:  SLC-Network
  • Krunal Gupta
    • Master Project:  Wiring Diagram Robotic station

Fall 2008

  • Desai Bhavik
  • Pandya Ankur

Summer 2008

  • Vinodcumar Patel
  • Sandipkumar Satasia
  • Kalpesh Patel

Spring 2008

  • Habens Gor
  • Mani Mahobiya
  • Vishalkumar Patel
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