1. Ph.D: Ali Elrashidi
  2. M.S: Mohammed Hassan

Design and manufacture of microstrip printed antenna operating at high frequencies. This is a project funded by USA Army to design a special kind of conformal antenna. This antenna should give a good performance on curved surfaces. The operating frequencies are 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz.
Designed antennas are fixed on a small projectile as shown in figures bellow.

antennafig1 antennafig2

antennafig3  antennafig4

We used two IRIS Motes devices to test the range and the performance of designed antennas. One Mote used as transmitter and the other as a receiver. We tested all designed antennas on the seaside for range more than 0.5 mile for 2.4 GHz antenna and 0.4 mile for 900 MHz.

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