The New Media concentration shifts the emphasis of graphic design to video, animation, screen design, and other digital formats.

Design principles remain central, so students parallel the traditional graphic program but with significant enhancements. Coordinated courses with the UB Mass Communication program enable students to experience the practicalities of communicating with new media, to work with teams of developers for messaging processes, to extend graphic video and motion skills, to enhance composition and writing abilities, and to learn leadership positions for media.

Both the traditional Graphic Design program and the New Media concentration emphasize design thinking, real-world community projects, and skill-building toward a final self-directed project in the senior year.

First Semester

3 ADSN 103 2-D Design Principles
3 MCOM 111 Intro to Mass Communication
3 ADSN 119 Intro to Computer Applications I
3 ADSN 117 Survey of Art History I
3 FYS C101 First Year Seminar

Second Semester

3 ADSN 231 Photography I
3 MCOM 220 Intro to Advertising
3 ADSN 219 Intro to Computer Applications II
3 ADSN 118 Survey of Art History II
3 ENG 101 Composition & Rhetoric Core
3 MATH 105 Intermediate Algebra

Third Semester

3 GDSN 255 Graphic Design Studio I (Print)
3 ADSN 225A Web Applications I
3 ADSN 377 History of Modern Design
3 ADSN 233 Motion Graphics I
3 Soc Sci Social Science Core
3 Hum Humanities Core

Fourth Semester

3 GDSN 256 Graphic Design Studio II (Print)
3 ADSN 230A Video I
3 GDSN 225B Web Applications II
3 ADSN 379 History of Graphic Design
3 Soc Sci Social Science Core

Fifth Semester

3 GDSN 305 Graphic Design Studio III
3 GDSN 232 The Soundtrack
3 MCom 290 Intercultural Communication
(SS Core)
3 Nat Sci Natural Science Core
3 MCOM 242 Intro New Media

Sixth Semester

3 GDSN 306 Graphic Design Studio IV (Web)
2 IDDSN 218B 3D Max
3 GDSN 212 Visual Semiotics
3 Hum Humanities Core
3 Nat Sci Natural Science Core

Seventh Semester

3 GDSN 355 Graphic Design Studio V
3 MCom Elective:
342 Digital Project Management,
346 Media Management or
262 Writing for Interactive Media
3 GDSN 425A Design Service
3 ADSN/GDSN elective
3 Caps C390 Capstone Seminar Core

Eighth Semester

3 GDSN 356 Graphic Design Studio VI (Thesis)
3 ADSN 304x Business Practices
3 GDSN 425B Design Service
3 ADSN 425 Visual Experience Seminar
3 ADSN/GDSN elective

SASD is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), the governing body of undergraduate and graduate art and design schools.

SASD New Media Curriculum

SASD Design Foundations
2-D Design Principles
Intro to Mass Communications
Intro to Advertising
Intro to New Media
Intro to Computer Applications I
Intro to Computer Applications II
Intro to Web Applications

New Media Foundations
Photography I
Typography I
Introduction to Visual Semiotics
Mass Communications Senior Seminar

New Media Electives (take 11 courses; other MCOMM or SASD design courses may be taken)
Digital Video
Advanced Digital Video
Video I
Motion Graphics
Maya A (B,C,D)(3-12cr)
Advertising for Media
Advanced Web Publishing
Digital Project Management
Media Management
Writing for Interact Media
Design Service (A, B, C)
Independent Study
Internship A,B (2-6cr)

Graphic Design Studios
Design Studio I (Print)
Design Studio II (Print)
Design Studio III (Print)
Design Studio IV (Web)
Design Studio V Thesis Portfolio I
Design Studio VI Thesis Portfolio II

SASD Art History
Survey of Art History I
Survey of Art History II
History of Modern Design
History of Graphic Design
(Hist Mod. Architecture & Urbanism; Hist Mod. Art)

UB Core
Composition & Rhetoric
Intermediate Algebra
Humanities Core
Humanities Core Elective
Social Sciences Core
Social Sciences Core Elective
Natural Sciences Core
Natural Sciences Core
First Year Seminar
Capstone Seminar

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