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The University of Bridgeport’s School of Professional Studies (SPS) is a unique learning community of students, staff, and faculty who share a dedication to the academic experience while overcoming the challenges of part-time study. SPS students are part-time, balancing their academic pursuit and aspiration with commitments to family, work, and community.

Established in 1988 as the first accredited accelerated program in Connecticut, named the “IDEAL” program, UB’s program for non-traditional students has assisted thousands of adult learners in completing their bachelor‘s degree and advancing their careers. Currently, the SPS is offering programs designed to link the academic pursuit of adult learners with experienced knowledge experts in a variety of major fields.

The SPS academic advisors are dedicated to assisting each student in planning, persistence, and achievement. From the initial degree-plan meeting to semester-by-semester coaching and support, each student has a professional guide on their side

Our Mission:

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) serves the public by facilitating access to the University’s knowledge and resources through credit and noncredit courses and alternative methods of teaching and learning, and by aiding adult lifelong learners to become more competitive, improve their earning power, and enrich their lives.

It is consistent with the University’s mission that is “dedicated to career enhancing, quality education in keeping with its long-standing tradition of individual concern for each student’s distinctive needs…and that prepares its students for careers and leadership roles.”

Message from the Dean

Dear Students, Faculty and Friends of SPS,

These are times for innovation and change. The life and work situations of the non-traditional student and workforce demands and opportunities are dynamically in flux. Emerging technologies allow the SPS to overcome the barriers of location and time making higher education accessible to the adult learner. We are investing in undergraduate and graduate programs that will deliver a quality education within a supportive learning environment. It is our goal and commitment to make the learning environment engaged and rigorous and to support each student’s educational aspiration toward completing his or her degree.

Look further at the success stories from our students.

I look forward to your participation in our programs. 

Best regards,

Michael Giampaoli


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