The Academic Advising Center (AAC) provides important services to University of Bridgeport students. The programs are designed for students to be successful during their time in college and engage with the campus community.

Learn about our key AAC Programs:

The purpose of the Academic Recovery Program is to help students on academic probation or readmitted students return to good academic standing.  Students who go through the program will understand why they ended up on academic probation or were separated, how academic probation impacts them, and steps to recover from academic probation and return to good academic standing.

The program is not designed to be punitive in nature but to help you be accountable for your education and make good decisions going forward.

How to Return to Good Academic Standing

STEP 1: Attend Intake Session

The intake session will be facilitated by the AAC staff and will aim to inform you about why you are on probation, what it means for you going forward, and what you have to do to complete the program and return to good academic standing.  The session will be designed as group sessions and several will be offered each semester.

STEP 2: Complete Academic Recovery Self-Assessment

You will be required to complete a self-assessment designed to identify obstacles to your academic success.  Along with the obstacles, you will provide your short-term and long-term goals.  The AAC advisors will use this information to put together a comprehensive Academic Recovery Plan that you will be required to complete in order to lift your registration hold.

STEP 3: Develop an Academic Recovery Plan

Once the assessment is complete, you will schedule an initial appointment with one of the advisors in the AAC.  During the appointment the advisor will go over your self-assessment results and talk with you to create a comprehensive Academic Recovery Plan to follow.  Some of the required action items found on the plan are:

  • Attend a Student Success Workshop based on the obstacles provided. For example, sessions on Time Management and Study Skills will be recommended.
  • Discuss midterm grades and options based on them
  • Work with the Tutoring and Learning Center
  • Visit their faculty advisor to discuss next semester classes

STEP 4: Plan Completion

  • Show your advisor in the AAC their schedule to complete the Academic Recovery Program.

The purpose of College Conversations is to visit with prospective college students and answer questions they have about college. Continuous follow-up will continue through the summer until the first day of classes. If you wish for and advisor to visit your school or you have questions please contact the Academic Advising Center.

Participating Schools

  • Central High School, Bridgeport, CT
  • Kolbe Cathedral, Bridgeport, CT

The Innovative Teaching and Academic Advising program is designed to provide comprehensive education to undergraduate faculty advisors at the University of Bridgeport. A series of workshops provided during the weekly Faculty Development Hour consist of the following topics:

  • Campus Resource Education
  • Innovative Teaching Strategies
  • Best Practices in Academic Advising
  • Technology Training
  • Research

The Academic Advising Center has developed a pilot Peer Writing Mentor initiative (PWM) for the fall 2017 semester in an effort to provide targeted writing support to first-year students. Peer Writing Mentors will be linked to courses in which students are expected to produce a significant amount of polished, college-level prose in order to provide feedback intended to prompt meaningful revision. Each formal writing assignment will allow time for students to discuss writing plans with PWM’s and to actually have PWM’s read drafts and provide informed, written feedback. After reviewing drafts, PWM’s will meet with students one-on-one to develop concrete plans for revision. The writing support provided by the Peer Writing Mentors is designed to help students develop the necessary writing skills for success in college.

The Center for Career Development, Academic Advising Center, and Athletics Department have collaborated to launch the Student Athlete Success Program. By creating a cohesive program incorporating both academic and career planning, student athletes will be coached through their time at UB both on and off the field/court. This program ensures that student athletes will be better able to plan and make the most of their academics, athletics, and extra-curricular activities with clear career goals in mind, thus leading to increased retention, preparation and success upon graduation.

Program Goals

  1. To ensure student athletes are able to take full advantage of academics and career planning opportunities while also being committed to athletics
  2. To educate student athletes on Academic aspects including major and graduation requirements, and course selection
  3. To educate student athletes on Career Development aspects including career choice, transferable skills, professional etiquette and skills, and internship/ job opportunities
  4. To develop leadership, teamwork, and professional skills desired by employers based on the 2015 NACE competencies
  5. To show a greater presence in Athletics to better unite student athletes with the campus and resources

Program Components:

  • Initial Introductions: During New Athlete Convocation each athlete will receive information regarding services this program provides to them in their athlete handbook.
  • New Athlete Advising Sessions: One-on-One advising sessions for all new athletes (both transfers and freshman) in order to identify the career and academic goals of each student, and assist in pursing these goals. Students receive a personalized 4-year plan from Career Development outlining experiences to gain during their off seasons. Degree tracking sheets are provided by the Academic Advising Center.
  • Senior Athlete Advising Sessions: One-on-one advising sessions for all graduating athletes in order to assist with the transition out of sport. Seniors can plan their last semester in an efficient way keeping their academic needs and career goals in mind. The Academic Advising Center will ensure that each student registers for all final course requirements. Career Development will assist each student with their job/grad school search or help identify final experience options.
  • Drop-by Hours: Weekly drop by hours in Hubbell athletes to talk to an Academic Advisor or Career Advisor regarding their progress, needs, or concerns.


  • Academic Advising Center

  • Wahlstrom Library, Room 506
    126 Park Avenue
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

  • (203) 576-6632


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