Knights Wi-Fi for Android Marshmallow OS Users:

Step 1

Go into settings and choose wifi, you will see a list similar to the following

android wifi selection

Step 2

Choose knights-wifi from the list and when prompted make sure PEAP is selected for the EAP method

android eap method

Step 3

For the Phase 2 authentication select MSCHAPV2

android auth


Step 4

CA certificate will display as (Unspecified), but where it says Identity, type ad\ and your UBnetID

android ubnetid filled


Step 5

In the password field, enter your UBNET Password

android ubnetid and pass


Step 6

Click connect and the wifi menu will display that it is attempting to connect to the network

android connecting


Step 7

Once connected, the wifi list will show that it is connected to knights-wifi

android connected



Knights Wi-Fi for Older Android OS Users:

Take the following steps to setup your Android device to access Knights Wi-Fi.

Step 1:

Launch the login screen rom your settings menu by selecting Wi-Fi.  Tap to configure.  Select knights-wifi from the list of available networks.  This will launch the login screen.

Step 2:

Enter your UBNet Username (Identity) and Password.  Select Connect.

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