The Biology Department offers a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. Students are introduced to a wide range of laboratory settings and techniques. Both degrees prepare students to pursue a traditional graduate biology degree or to successfully enter a graduate school in Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, or Allied Health and Health Professions.

Biology students are prepared to enter the work force in government, the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, EPA, FDA, NIH or other research institutions.

Students may pursue the following concentrations in biology:

  • Biomedical Science/Biotechnology
  • Ecology/Conservation/Environmental Biology
  • Pre-Medicine/Vet/Dental/PA
  • Pre-Allied Health

Each concentration is designed to train students in a particular contemporary area of biology and requires a laboratory experience. The concentrations permit students to create a course of study that will meet their unique academic and career goals.

A minor in Biology also is offered.

The Biology program is located in the Charles A. Dana Hall of Science.

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