Our Computer Engineering Students will:

  1.  Demonstrate comprehension of math, science and basic computer engineering topics. [Fundamentals]
  2.  Comprehend the design of computer architectures and integrated systems having major hardware and software components. [Design]
  3.  Exhibit problem solving skills. [Problem Solving]
  4.  Have the ability to use techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice. [Techniques/Skills]
  5.  Work effectively on teams. [Team Work]
  6.  Demonstrate the ability to identify and apply concepts of engineering economics and project planning. [Engr Econ/Planning]
  7.  Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary global and societal issues and their relationship to professional ethics and engineering solutions. [Ethics/Profession]
  8.  Demonstrate the ability to plan and conduct laboratory experiments and interpret and report the results. [Experiment/Results]
  9.  Exercise strong oral and written communication skills including those needed for technical writing. [Communication]
  10.  Have an awareness of the need for and demonstrate the ability to keep learning throughout life along with an appreciation of diversity in the world and in intellectual areas. [Diversity and LLL]
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