The Criminal Justice and Human Security (CJHS) program requires 39 semester credit hours including 18 credit hours in the program core, 15 credit hours in one of the concentrations, and an additional 6 credit hours in a diversity requirement (one course from each of the other two concentrations). The program will require students to show modern language competency in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French or Spanish through the intermediate level (four semesters). Students are required to complete 120 credit hours to graduate.

Program Core Courses (required)

CJHS 118 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJHS 218 Human Security
SOC 315 Criminology
SOSC 300 Research Methods
CJHS 395 Senior Thesis*
CJHS 398 Internship

Comparative Justice Concentration (5 required out of the following)

PSCI 101 American Government
PSCI 208 Public International Law
PSCI 233 U.S. Legal System
CJHS 299X Criminal Justice Communications
PSCI 299X Judicial Process
CJHS 343 Constitutional Law
CJHS 345 Comparative Criminal Law
CJHS 350 Legal Advocacy
CJHS 351X Trial Skills and Advocacy
CJHS 371 Homeland Security and Terrorism
CJHS 372 Transnational Crime

Criminology Concentration (5 required out of the following)

SOC 270 Sociology of Deviance
CJHS 271 Law Enforcement and Society
CJHS 275X Criminal Investigations
CJHS 299X Fraud Investigations
SOC 310 Race and Ethnicity
SOC 311 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 355 Globalization
CJHS 312 Victimology

Human Security Concentration (5 required out of the following)

PSCI 203 U.S. Foreign Policy
PSCI 204 Government and Politics Abroad
PSCI 206 Political Economy of North-South Relations
PSCI 207 World Politics
PSCI 209 Introduction to United Nations Studies
PSCI 215 International Human Rights
SOC 231 Cultural Anthropology
WREL 299X Christian, Muslim, Jewish Relations
PSCI 312 Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
PSCI 329 Political Economy of China
PSCI 330 Political Economy of East Asia
PSCI 341 Political Economy of the Middle East
CJHS 371 Homeland Security and Terrorism
SOC 355 Globalization

*Subject to approval of the Department Chair, a student may choose an additional CJHS elective in lieu of the Senior Thesis.


Internships should be approved in advance by Prof. Kadir Akyuz, the internship coordinator for the Department of Criminal Justice and Human Security. For more information, please email or call 203-576-4966.

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