Through completion of the entry-level dental hygiene curriculum, students will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Characterize professionalism and responsibility in all health promotion and disease prevention activities
  • Apply a professional code of ethics while adhering to appropriate legal and regulatory measures when providing oral health services
  • Utilize critical thinking, problem solving, and evidence-based decision making in the dental hygiene process of care
  • Provide the dental hygiene process of care (assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation, documentation) for patients/clients in all settings
  • Communicate effectively with and deliver culturally competent, inter-professional health care to individuals and groups from diverse populations
  • Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate community-based oral health programs
  • Continually perform self-assessment to maintain professional standards and encourage life-long learning
  • Value the need for personal and professional growth through participation in professional activities and associations
  • Understand and master the competencies of Dental Hygiene Professional Practice

Students will demonstrate professionalism, ethical behavior, evidenced-based decision making, competent client care, health promotion, and disease prevention. A set of competencies has been developed to verify ability to perform total client care and develop professionally. Students must demonstrate successful completion of these competencies in order to graduate. Completion of competencies confirm that the student has the ability to safely provide dental hygiene care at an entry level, or what is minimally expected in performance as a new graduate.  As a licensed professional who continues in his/her career, experience and continued learning leads one in becoming proficient, or eventually, even an expert in the delivery of care. The Fones School of Dental Hygiene Competencies are posted on the University Website.

Students learn the skills and knowledge necessary to function effectively as an integral member of the dental health team. The program utilizes the facilities of the University of Bridgeport Health Clinics Fones School of Dental Hygiene Health Center, area hospitals, and community health clinics. Specialized course work must be taken in the outlined sequence. DHYG designated courses are open to admitted dental hygiene students only. A minimum grade of C or better (74 or above) is required in ALL dental hygiene courses.

In addition to the learning outcomes of the entry-level graduate, through completion of the Bachelor of Science Degree in dental hygiene, students will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Communicate effectively through written, oral, and electronic means
  • Apply scientific inquiry to foster critical thinking and reflective reasoning in all initiatives
  • Participate in domestic and global collaborative efforts that allow for expanded and/or alternative career opportunities
  • Develop, lead, and manage programs and strategies responsive to the diverse cultural and ethnic values and traditions of the communities served
  • Instill the desire to pursue graduate level education
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