Electrical Engineering (B.S.)

B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering Program Details

Electrical Engineering is the basis of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering. We tend to be excited by the breakthroughs in smart phones, iPads/minicomputer, improved medical machinery, GPS, and a host of other gadgets that make our modern life more exciting and more comfortable. Electrical Engineering is the field that gives us the applied science to build all of these gadgets. It is also the field from which the knowledge will come for the creation of new gadgets and for the improvement of present-day machinery.

Since it is a universal degree, the BSEE graduate is flexible – the graduate can bend their talents to satisfy the needs of ever-changing technology. This promotes job security for the graduate, and it feeds the appetite of an advancing society. The graduate of this program will obtain the basic education in the first three years. The last year is utilized to explore specific areas of interest. Our graduates will have expertise in at least one sub-field of Electrical Engineering such as electricity, machines/controllers, energy/power, signals/communications, materials, and electronic device analysis. A total of 120 semester hours are required to complete the degree.

Program Educational Objectives, Student Outcomes, Student Enrollment & Graduation Data

Program Educational Objectives:

Our Electrical Engineering Graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate peer-recognized expertise and problem solving skills providing solutions to the problems in industry, academia as well as other disciplines in the field they choose to pursue. [Problem Solving]
  2. Demonstrate the capacity to embrace new opportunities and adapt to changes in emerging technologies, developing future state-of-the art designs and products. [Engineering System Design]
  3. Demonstrate leadership skills and facilitate the achievement of others while collaborating with professionals in a multidisciplinary environment. [Communication]
  4. Demonstrate their creative and critical reasoning skills while solving technical problems, ethically and responsibly, in service to society. [Contemporary issues]
  5. Demonstrate life-long learning and adaptation to a continuously changing field through graduate work, professional development, and self-study. [LLL/Work/Grad School]

Student Outcomes:

Our Electrical Engineering Graduates will:

    1. Demonstrate knowledge and the ability to apply knowledge of continuous and discrete math, science and electrical engineering in the analysis of electrical engineering problems. [Fundamentals]
    2. Demonstrate the knowledge of core electrical engineering topics and an ability to design systems, including hardware and/or software components or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability. [Design]
    3. Exhibit an ability to identify, formulate and solve electrical engineering problems. [Problem Solving]
    4. Demonstrate the ability to use techniques, skills and modern engineering tools for design and analysis. [Techniques/Skills]
    5. Exhibit an ability to function in a multidisciplinary team. [Team Work]
    6.  Demonstrate the ability to identify and apply concepts of engineering economics and project planning. [Engr Econ/Planning]
    7. Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary global and societal issues and their relationship to professional ethics and engineering solutions. [Ethics/Profession]
    8. Have an ability to design and conduct scientific and engineering experiments and to analyze and interpret data. [Experiment/ Results]
    9. Exhibit an ability to convey technical material through oral presentation and formal written reports/paper. [Communication]
    10. Have an awareness of the need and the ability to demonstrate learning throughout life along with an appreciation of the diversity in the world and intellectual areas. [Diversity and LLL]


Student Enrollment

2014FA 22
2015SP 48
2015FA 80
2016SP 83
2016FA 163
2017SP 106
2017FA 99


Certified Graduates

2015-16 6
2016-17 38
2017-18 2




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