A degree in English remains the most marketable of majors. The ability to read analytically, write clearly, and communicate effectively opens doors.

Recent graduates from the University of Bridgeport’s English program have found work in publishing, public relations, business, and the media.

Others have gone on to internships and graduate study in Creative Writing, Law, and Education.


Internships are integral to the development of an English major. Blogger, researcher, Groundswell editor, high school teaching assistant, law office intern – these are some of the credit-earning internships that our graduates have found extremely valuable in their postgraduate job searches.

Internships earn up to six credits. The English department encourages and supports our students through the internship process.

Study Abroad

UB English majors have sampled the world through study abroad. They have taken part in a variety of programs in France, Greece, Ireland, Korea, China, and Scotland.

It’s easy to get involved. Contact your advisor or stop by the English Department offices in Bryant Hall, 271 Park Avenue.



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