Steve Hess Ph.D. (Miami University), Chair
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Office: Carlson Hall Room 221
Phone:(203) 576-4209

Dave Benjamin, Ph.D. (University of Cambridge)
Associate Professor of Global Development and Peace
Office: Carlson Hall, Room 226
Phone: (203) 576-4452

Catherine Doenges, Ph.D. (Syracuse University)
Adjunct Associate Professor of Geography

William Lay, Esq. (J.D. Columbia University Law School)
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Human Security
Office: Carlson Hall Second Floor
Phone: (203) 576-4966

Beth Skott, Ph.D. (University of Connecticut)
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Office: Carlson Hall, Room 209
Phone: 203-576-4453
Fax: (203) 576-4967

Robert J. Riggs (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania)
Assistant Professor and Chair of B.A. program in Religion and Politics
Assistant Professor in the M.A. program in Global Development and Peace
Phone: (203) 576-4212

Richard L. Rubenstein, Ph.D. (Harvard University)
President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor of Religion
Office: Magnus Wahlstrom Library, 5th floor
Phone: (203) 576-4980

Mark K. Setton, D.Phil (University of Oxford)
Associate Professor, Martial Arts Studies & World Religions
Office: Carlson Hall, room 234
Phone: (203) 576-4965

Thomas J. Ward, D.Ed. (De La Salle University)
Dean, The College of Public and International Affairs
Office: Carlson Hall, room 235
Phone: (203) 576-4966

Chunjuan Nancy Wei, Ph.D. (Claremont Graduate University)
Associate Professor, East Asian and Pacific Rim Studies
Chair, International Political Economy and Diplomacy
Office: Carlson Hall Room 219
Phone: (203) 576-4966

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